Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Mountfield: Bathroom

Building the Mountfield Doll House

So far I've planned out the living room, dining room, and the kitchen. This week I'm looking at the bathroom. There are some really cool vintage bathroom sets out there, but the problem is that most doll houses at the time were in the Lundby 1:18 scale as opposed to the standard 1:12. Just to make life that little bit more difficult!

Mountfield doll house
Promo pic of the Mountfield doll house. They have the bathroom at the front of the house, but I'm going to put it above the kitchen, in what they've used as the nursery.

Bathroom Suite. I've got an art deco style set which I'm planning on painting avocado, and swapping out the taps to the regular double rather than a mixer.
✩ Toilet Roll.
✩ Weighing Scale.
✩ Towel Rail.
✩ Towels.

Bathroom Cabinets
Argos Catalogue, 1976.

✩ Bathroom Cabinet
. I love the selection above - and the plastic bath shelf!
✩ Toothpaste and Toothbrushes.
✩ Soap.
✩ Shampoo and Conditioner.
✩ Rubber Bath Mat.

Bath Mats
Argos Catalogue, 1976.

✩ Bath Mats. Just check out those 100% acrylic options above!
✩ Light Fitting.
✩ Lino.
✩ Bath Rail.
✩ Shower. One of those that push on the taps.

Argos Catalogue, 1976.

The only thing left to decide on is the small matter of flooring and wall covering... (Any suggestions much appreciated!) It's a good job it'll be a while before I start on this room!

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  1. Oh my goodness I cannot believe little things you can get for doll's houses! We got a doll's house for Aria on one of the local selling sites for an absolute steal which I want to do up for either her birthday or Christmas

    1. You can get so much these days - it's awesome, but not good for my bank balance! ;) It'll be so much fun doing it up! x

  2. Nice :)
    My blog http://cre-activee.blogspot.com/

  3. Oh I have been waiting all day to read this post and you have not disappointed. You simply must have an avocado suite and the plastic shelf, they scream the 1970's. Looking forward to seeing it xx

    1. Aw, thank you! I love those plastic bath shelves - I keep thinking I could do with one of them on my actual bath, let alone my miniature one! x

  4. Oh I love the tiny little bath mats! How cute are those, looking forward to seeing it.

  5. Oooh the bath mats are the best! And the tiny shelves. .. and...all of it! ;P

    Where do you get the components? Off ebay? Or are there shops for it?

    I have an amazing vintage dollhouse set (the insides, no actual house) that a Grandmotherly person (not an actual Grandma, a friend of our family... ahahaha so many parentheses...) gave me as a child - it's packed away but this is soo making me want to get it out and do up an actual dollhouse for it...

    1. Do it! Hehe, seriously, it is such an addictive hobby, especially as you can get so many cool little bits and pieces these days. My favourite doll house stores at the moment at Dolls House Mall, Elf Miniatures, and Etsy - there is loads on there. x

  6. So cute :) My best friend had one - fantastic with mats, duvets etc and it was FAB!!!!! Lucky girl ;) Thanks for linking up :) Jess xx #HomeEtc

    1. Sounds awesome!! I've got lots of 1/6 scale stuff already, but it's a big shift to 1/12 x

  7. I saw a pic that would be PERFECT!


    I can imagine it with brown carpets, teamed with lovely orange piss-mats (as they are affectionately known in the trade)!!

    SO looking forward to seeing this transformation!! :) Thanks so much for linking up with us! #HomeEtc

    1. Oh my gosh, that literally is perfect!!! It'll go so well with the avacado too. :D Haha, you had to have the piss mats - how else would people know you had class! ;)


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