Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Mountfield: Mother and Baby

Building the Mountfield Doll House

So far in this series I've planned out the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom for the Mountfield doll house. This week I'm looking at the second bedroom, which is going to be home to the eldest daughter and her baby. What happened to dad I don't know, but it's way harder to find decent looking 1/12 scale male dolls so I really wanted to limit the testosterone going on in the house! :)

The room I'm talking about is the one above the dining room. You can see it here in the promo pic:

Mountfield Doll House promo pics
Mountfield Doll House promo picture.

First up, the basics:

✩ Lino.
✩ Rug.
✩ Light Fitting. Probably a fabric light shade - I might even attempt to make it myself.
✩ Light Switch.
✩ Curtains. Pink!
✩ Wallpaper.

✩ Bed.
✩ Bedside Table.
✩ Lamp.
✩ Alarm Clock.
✩ Bedding. Floral patterned, of course! Probably pink, to match the curtains.

Bedroom Furniture
I think something like this set up from the 1976 Argos catalogue would look good.

✩ Wardrobe. White to match the headboard.
✩ Dressing Table. Depending on how much furniture I can stuff in there...
✩ Chair / Stool.
✩ Changing Mat, Nappies, etc.
✩ Cot Bedding. I bought a tiny little crochet blanket off someone on eBay.
✩ Cot.

Baby Sundries
Cots and other baby necessities from the 1973 Argos catalogue.

✩ Toy Box.
✩ Cot Mobile.
✩ Activity Centre.
✩ Teddy Bear.
✩ Toys. There is a seller on Etsy called Sarahsooakbabies who makes the most amazing miniature Fisher Price toys. I've got one of the little pull along dogs already, and it's such a good replica!

Miniature Fisher Price toys by sarashooakbabies
Credit: Sarahsooakbabies.

✩ Make-Up.
✩ Hair Dryer and Accessories. The Dolls House Mall do amazing 1/12 scale hair pins, combs, and so on.
✩ Magazines.
✩ Handbag.
✩ Clothes and Shoes.


  1. Those 70s Argos pages - where did you find them?! They are so fascinating to look at! And miniature Fisherprice toys - how adorable :-D
    Sabrina xx

    1. There are loads of them up on Retromash, 1973 through to the 1980s. :D

  2. I was going to as k why it was a "mother and baby" bedroom but I take your point, I appreciate there are issues finding decent male dolls! #HomeEtc

    1. I was really gutted about the new basic Figma figures - the male dolls' humungous chests just make them look way too cartoonish!

  3. OHMYGOODNESS! Look at all the tiny little Fisher Price stuff?! I had no idea there was someone making all that stuff!! It's like another world!! :) Thanks so much for linking up #HomeEtc

    1. It's amazing, isn't it!? You can just find anything in miniature these days. x

  4. I am so excited about you joining us a host on the Friday Frivolity party, except for the miniatures part. Seeing posts like this is just going to tempt me back into it. And I do not need another hobby right now. But it is so much fun.... sigh!

    1. I feel like the little devil on your shoulder now but... do it! You can't beat a good miniature organising session. :)

  5. he he he - that tray table - we had those exact ones growing up. I'm such a child of the 70s!!! #homeetc

    1. I showed the page to Anthony and was like, look how useful it is! He wasn't impressed. xD

  6. I love the baby things in the Argos catalogue and, the bedroom fittings remind me of my childhood bedroom but without the lamp, I wasn't allowed one of those xx

    1. My mum has the coolest lamp from her childhood, it's like a little ceramic forest house with ceramic figures in it, and you can wind it up and it plays a tune. I somehow think it might be a bit difficult to find in miniature though! ;)

  7. Ahhhh the tiny toys!! So fun, all of it. :)


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