Thursday, 11 February 2016

Review: BEMO Premium Beard Oil

Reviewing BEMO premium beard oil

I love getting the opportunity to try products out and review them but, in this instance, I thought it might be more advisable to let Anthony try it out. And, as he was trying it out, he might as well write the review as well. Here's what he had to say about it:

I've never tried beard oil, though I've had a beard for over half a decade and I've been a pretentious git for almost three. So, when my darling fiancee presented me with a bottle of BEMO Premium Beard Oil to review, my interest was definitely piqued.

After trimming my facial follicles to a manageable length - I was beginning to look like a taller version of Gimli - I put the oil to the test. At first I wasn't too sold on the scent, a combination of grape seed oil, crambe seed oil, almond oil, castor oil and aloe vera extract. But, after a week's worth of use, it has grown on me.

It puts me in mind of the Carlton Club in London; that ingrained smell of rich oils and foreign fragrances that somehow gives way to visions of oxblood armchairs wreathed in cigar smoke. A far cry from the image I had previously associated with oiled face fuzz: the Dick Dastardly-esque moustache-twirling villain!

Amazon product image of Bemo Beard Oil
Looking at the packaging, I was half expecting to find the words 'By Royal Appointment' engraved on the bottle.

The oil itself was very easy to apply, thanks to the bottle's practical and elegant pump design. My only quibble is that the oil, as the name suggests, is rather oily. After use I did find myself having to wash my hands three or four times before the greasiness was completely gone. But, that said, my beard is definitely feeling softer and looking more luxurious.

But, then, I suppose I'm worth it.

There we have it, Anthony's verdict of BEMO premium beard oil. I agree that the packaging is really impressive - if you're struggling to think of a Valentine's gift for a bearded loved one, this might be just the ticket. I really liked the smell, right from the beginning, and the beard's overall appearance has been much improved through this extra care and attention. Let's hope Anthony sticks with it! :) 

To try BEMO Premium Beard Oil for yourself, it's available from Amazon for £15.95.

Anthony and Marianna in formal wear
Anthony: self confessed pretentious git. To read more of Anthony's writing, check out his politics blog, The Man Down My Local.


  1. I've been looking at beard oil for the Mr's prickly beard so your post has been really helpful I think I'll get some for him to try.

    1. It's definitely made it a lot softer - even the baby's noticed! x

  2. Hehe your man is funny like you! ;P love the gimli quip. My man is bearded too, might need to check out this product...

  3. my other half would love this! i must seek some out

  4. My other half loves beard oil! I've never heard of this brand before but I'll have to check it out

    1. It's fab - anything that keeps Anthony's beard in check is good in my books! :)

  5. I love how you've delegated the whole post to your OH, sounds fair enough to me - but the most telling part of the review is that you like the smell of it, that I'm sure will be of great help to other potential buyers. Thanks for linking up to #PoCoLo

  6. I bought some beard oil for my husband and he never used it! Men eh
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x


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