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Blogging Tags, Memes and Challenges

blog tags, memes and challenges

What are blogging tags, memes and challenges?

Basically they're lists of questions you can answer on your blog. 'Meme' was the most used term back in the day, but now you're more likely to come across 'tag' for the same sort of thing - the latter refers to the fact that you are generally expected to tag other bloggers to answer the questions after you. I prefer the term 'challenge' because I like to be different.

Why should I care?

Blog challenges can be a great source of content, especially on days when you don't feel like writing a post from scratch. Getting tagged to take part in a challenge can also be a good source of backlinks, if you're into that kind of thing.

Where can I find them?

Google, as usual, is your friend, and you can keep an eye on social media and blog linkies to find out which challenges are doing the rounds. For now, check out my list of blog challenges to get you going...

☆ 10 Signs You Know You're a Blogger.
 30 Before 30 Bucket List.
☆ 30 Days of Blogging Challenge.
☆ 30 Days of Food Blogging + Food Questions.
 30 Days of Thinky Thoughts.
 100 Truths Blogging Challenge.
 A - Z of Me.
 Behind the Scenes Blogging Tag.
 Blogger Confessions.
 Blogger Q&A.
 BlogaJob CV Challenge.
 Christmas Blog Tag.
 Country Tag. (Also: The British Tag.)
 Favourite Flowers.
 Favourite Hymns.
 Five Things Tag.
 Liebster Award.
Mobile Phone History.
 Sisterhood of the World Bloggers' Challenge.
 The Mummy Tag.  (Also: The Daddy Tag)
 The Story Behind Your Blog Name.
 The TMI Tag.
 The Versatile Blogger Award.
 This or That Challenge.
 Top Ten Paintings.
 Top Ten Websites.
 Vogue 73 Questions.
 Welcome to Me.
 Worst Things About Being an Adult.

For tag challenges about films, TV shows, music and other fandom stuff, check out my Fandom Tag Challenges Post -

Fandom Tag Challenges

Vintage Magazine Quizzes:

 Are You a Write Giveaway? (1986)
 Are You Seen and Never Heard? (1976)
 Are You The One That He Wants? (1979)
 D'ya Think You're Sexy? (1978)
 What Do Your Knickers Say About You? (1976)

I'll update this list as and when I complete new challenges! :)

For more like this, please click the image below:
Blogging Guides


  1. That's a great list of all the various blogging tags - there's a few there I haven't yet taken part in which might be worth remembering in case writer's block strikes!

    1. They're great for days when you don't feel like 'properly' blogging x

  2. Wow! Jessica, you have an impressive list of challenges there!!
    I didn't know ever was anything else but graphic jokes!
    Friday Frivolity

  3. That's a great list, I'm contemplating a 30 day getting to know you challenge that seems to be going round. But I'm bookmarking this list for future ideas ��

  4. I'd noticed some of your challenge posts when poking around your blog the other day and I had to immediately open up a draft for some of the great ideas you shared! #FridayFrivolity

    1. I'm doing about one a week at the moment - I'm a total addict! x

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