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25 Facebook Groups to Boost Your Blog

25 Facebook Groups to Boost Your Blog

Blogger exchange and engagement groups are a great way of pulling in extra traffic and ensuring your posts are seen. Although the ideal is that all your traffic and interaction will be natural and organic, the reality is that we all need a bit of a boost from time to time.

Numbers aren't everything, it's true, but we're all guilty of clicking on the article with the higher number of likes on the basis that all those other people can't be wrong. Exchange groups can give your content a good base of likes and comments to encourage further engagement. They can also be a heads up to guest posting chances, and review / sponsored post opportunities, as well as helping you get to know other bloggers.

Here are 25 Facebook groups which will give your blog a boost - click the titles to be taken to the group. (I've not included groups which are just blog posts posted to the wall.)

#25. UK Bloggers.

This is the facebook group of the UK Bloggers forum and advice website. It's an excellent group to start out in, with comment exchanges, post share threads, and plenty of information and support on all those big blogging questions. Plus, regular review and sponsored post opps.

#24. Blog Support Group.

Daily exchange threads, with a membership of just over 1,400.

#23. Blog Linkys.

Find current blog link-ups, or advertise your own.

#22. Love 2 Blog.

Smallish group with daily blog post share and Twitter RT threads.

#21. UK Facebook Support for Bloggers.

Facebook specific exchange group.

#20. South Wales Bloggers.

Substitute South Wales for your own local area / region, and be the first to hear about opportunities close to you. If you are in South Wales, check out South Wales Parent Bloggers, South Wales Compers, and Family Days Local - Place to go in South Wales too.

#19. Grow Your Blog.

Exchange group with daily threads and almost 5,000 members.

#18. Blog Promo Community.

Share your latest post with 3,000 other bloggers.

#17. Blogger Opportunity Group.

Be the first to hear about review, event, and competition opportunities for bloggers. Other relevant groups include UK Blogger Opportunities, Bloggers Connect Network, Bloggers Be Nice and Share the LoveBloggers PR Events, Blogger Opportunities, Product Reviewer Group, AJ Morrison Media Opps, and Blog PR (UK).

#16. Blog and Social Media Promotion.

The title tells you all you need to know.

#15. UK Parent Bloggers.

This is the group I visit most, to chat and socialise - and scroll the wall looking for any crowdsourcing requests. Joining a FB group for your blogging 'niche' is a fab way to build links with similar bloggers.

#14. StumbleUpon for Bloggers.

Daily sharing threads, plus a weekly follow thread. If you're a SU newbie, check out my handy guide for growing your blog with StumbleUpon.

#13. UK Kawaii Bloggers.

I'm not even much of a kawaii (cutesy things) blogger, but there is just way too much cute stuff going on in this group for me not to mention it and its sister group, Kawaii UK.

#12. Friends Who Love Blogging.

Growing group with daily exchange threads.

#11. #KCACOLS Group.

The Facebook group of one of my favourite blog linkies, #KCACOLS (Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sundays). It's one of the best linkies out there for engagement, and the group helps ensure an even spread. Other linkies with FB groups include Blogger Club UK and Weekend Blog Share (Find Your Tribe).

#10. Blog Engagement and Promotion Group.

Well run group which lets you exchange social engagement on a different network each day. You can usually find me here for Facebook Mondays and Opportunity (i.e. network of your choice) Saturdays. It also has a number of spin-off groups, like BEPG: Connecting Brands & Bloggers and various niche groups.

#9. Bloggers United.

This group has been totally turned around in the last few months, and is now really well run with daily exchange threads.

#8. Bloggers with Klout.

Klout exchange group for those trying to get their Klout score up. The threads tend to fill up quickly, so try and get your link posted early.

#7. Content and Round Up Requests Group for UK Bloggers.

Does exactly what it says on the tin; this is a fab group for finding out about crowdsourced posts and requests for round-ups.

#6. Blog Sleep Repeat.

Chatty group for blogging advice and support. Similar groups worth checking out include Blogging Boost, Writers / Bloggers Network, and Blog & Business BFFs.

#5. Instagram Fabulous.

The best group for instagram exchanges. My favourite threads are the do-all three post likes on Mondays, and the follow-all thread over the weekend. Other IG groups worth checking out are Instagram Posse, Insta Followers, and Instagram for Bloggers.

#4. UK Awesome Bloggers.

One of my favourite daily exchange groups - it's small, but perfectly formed!

#3. Lucky Learners.

Superlucky Di's main Facebook group. If you're thinking about hosting a competition, Di has all the info you need!

#2. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers.

Another well run group with daily exchange threads and over 6,000 members.

#1. Social Media Network Group.

Large (c. 5,000 members) and active group with daily exchanges, and weekly follow threads. This is my current favourite FB blogging group!

Are there any Facebook groups you would recommend?

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  1. Really helpful post. Thank you ..

  2. Thanks so much what an awesome post, I've joined a few of the groups :-)

  3. This is so useful. Joining groups now... Thanks.

  4. I didn't know about the Stumble Upon Group. I need to get better at SU.

    I hope you don't mind me plugging the International Bloggers' Association (disclosure, I'm not only a member I am board member). We have an Open Group (IBAOpenGroup) for all bloggers that shares blogging advice and opportunities. There is also a Members Only group where we share the love and each others posts.

    1. Of course I don't mind! I really need to check it out myself :D

  5. Thank you for this list! I'm trying to grow my blog and this has been so helpful!


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