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Cabin Crew Sindy

Air Hostess Sindy

While her CV can't rival Barbie's, Sindy has done her fair share of jobs. Here are her many stints as cabin crew...

British Airways

☆ Air Hostess. (Box Front. Box Back.)
☆ High Fly and Play. (Box Front. Box Back.)

Sindy had her first stint as an air hostess in 1966, looking very smart in her BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation) uniform. The outfit remained available throughout the 1960s, and was joined in 1969 by Sindy's 'High Fly and Play' pack - a BOAC uniform plus a doll dressed in 'Weekender'.

☆ British Airways Sindy. (Box Front. Box Back.)

Produced by Vivid Imaginations, this doll was a limited edition of 10,000 and wore a replica of the Paul Costello winter uniform introduced in 1993.

British Airways Sindy Doll 2005

 British Airways Sindy. (Box Front. Box Back.)

New Moons produced their own BA Sindy in c. 2003, wearing the then new Julien Macdonald cabin crew uniform.

In 2007 Pedigree collaborated with British Airways on a retro range of dolls, showcasing cabin crew uniforms of yesteryear. These dolls originally retailed for £12 each.

☆ 1950s Blonde. (Box FrontBox Back.)
☆ 1950s Brunette. (Box FrontBox Back.)
☆ 1960s Blonde. (Box Front. Box Back.)
☆ 1960s Brunette. (Box Front. Box Back.)
☆ 1960s BOAC Dress Blonde. (Box Front and Back.)
☆ 1960s BOAC Dress Brunette. (Box Front. Box Back.)
☆ 1970s BEA Blonde. (Box Front. Box Back.)
☆ 1970s BEA Brunette. (Box Front. Box Back.)

British Airways Sindy Dolls
image found via ebay.


KLM Sindy
image found via ebay.


Available aboard international KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines - flights in 1980. The outfit is almost identical to the one used for the Fleur KLM dolls in the late 1970s.


Martinair Sindy
Flickr embed - the two later dolls, just missing their red berets.

 Martinair (1974). For more info on this doll, check out the Petra Dolls website.
 Martinair (1975). More info HERE.
 Martinair. (c. 1976).

Martinair is a Dutch airline which was founded in 1958. In the 1970s they sold Sindy stewardess dolls provided by the Otto Simon Company who issued Sindy in the Netherlands under license from Pedigree - before branching out alone and launching Fleur.

There were three issues; the first is very rare as the cabin crew uniform was updated in 1975. The second used a gauntlet body, and the third a Fleur body and different Sindy head.


 Monarch. (Box Front. Box Back.)
 Monarch. (Box Front. Box Back.)

The packaging changed slightly to reflect Monarch's rebrand in 2008.


☆ MyTravel. (Box Front. Box Back.)

Sindy doll for My Travel Airways, an airline which was integrated into Thomas Cook Airlines in 2008.


XL.com Sindy Doll

XL.com. (Box Front. Box Back.)

Sindy doll for the budget airline XL Airways UK, which ceased operations back in September 2008.


Virgin Atlantic Sindy Doll

☆ Virgin Atlantic. (Box Front. Box Back.)

Vivid Imaginations doll, available from Woolworths (£7.99) and Virgin Atlantic's inflight catalogue (£7.50) from September 2nd, 2002. In a press release Richard Branson, Chairman of Virgin Atlantic, commented: "We are very pleased to introduce the Virgin Cabin Crew Sindy to our range of inflight retail products. I am sure Virgin Sindy will be a huge hit with the kids travelling with Virgin Atlantic and maybe spark their imagination to consider working for Virgin Atlantic in years to come!"

Sam Rowe, Inflight Services Retail Business Manager for Virgin Atlantic, commented: "The Virgin Atlantic Sindy has been carefully designed and developed to emanate the smart style and well groomed appearance of the Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew that work hard each day to offer excellent standards of service to passengers. “We drew on the expertise of our Creative, Marketing and Inflight Services departments to make sure that the uniform, hair and appearance was in line with that of Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew."

Lin Sherlock, the Senior Buyer for Girls` Toys at Woolworths said: "Woolworths is the leading High Street toys retailer and Sindy is one of our most popular dolls. We are delighted that Sindy is pursuing a career as a Virgin Atlantic cabin crew member and are convinced that she will be flying high this autumn!"


Sindy Air Hostess 1991Sindy Air Hostess 1993

☆ Air Hostess. (Box Front. Box Back.)
☆ Air Hostess. (Box Front. Box Back.)

Hasbro introduced an air hostess outfit in 1991 as part of their career 'options' series. They updated it in 1993, before dropping the range.

☆ Greek Air Hostess Sindy. (Box Front. Box Back.)

This is apparently Hasbro era, and the outfit looks like the '93 air hostess uniform to my eyes.


  1. Where do you find all this? Do you own a lot of those, or find them online? Really enjoyed the photos and all your great information!

    1. A bit of both really - my mum has dealed in vintage Sindy stuff via ebay for years, and I collect doll house miniatures, so I have so much useless doll information swimming around in my head!

    2. Swimming around my head the whole time. Lol..love these dolls..

  2. Too funny the virgin airways one comes with a bikini, because every flight attendant needs one of those - (rolling my eyes!) Love the post.

    1. Totally! (Seriously, why??) I really wish they had done a pilot doll - especially in the 1993 range because they updated some of the other careers to make them less stereotypical.

  3. Hi guys . Trying to figure where can i get hold of these dolls.. im a collector.xxx👄👄👄

  4. I really like the 2007 retro-dolls, but shame they had to make them anorexic! I love the fact that Sindy originally had a bit of puppy fat before the designers decided she had to compete with slutty Barbie, and made her innocent features into skinny girl with far too much make-up on ! Heheheh you can tell I feel strongly about this......have never got over it !


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