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Review: Japan Funbox

Japan Funbox Review

We were really psyched last week to receive a Japan Funbox to review. Japan Funbox is a monthly subscription box containing Japanese sweets and candy, and it comes in three different sizes:

FAMILY. $49.99 a month - that's currently about £37, but in today's financial climate it's probably worth checking again before you order! The family box contains 25 - 30 individual items, including at least 2 DIY kits and special items, like drinks, adult candy, or gacha toys.

ORIGINAL. $32.99 (c. £25) a month. This box contains 15 - 20 items, including at least 1 DIY kit and 1 special item.

MINI. $14.99 (c. £12) a month. The mini box contains 5 - 7 items and, like the other two, comes with free worldwide shipping.

We were sent the mini to try out, and we wasted no time in putting it to the test. I really liked that this box came with a pictorial contents list, in addition to an online list. We've tried others in the past which have just been a total guessing game, which made them completely unsuitable for people with allergies or food intolerances. The content sheet makes it much easier to google anything you're not sure about.

Japan Funbox Mini contents for June 2016

Our box contained -

☆ Calbee Pizza Flavoured Potato Chips with Cheddar and Emmental Cheese. Yes, these are literally crisps with bits of melted cheese on them. Anthony was in heaven!

☆ Coris Fue Ramune Grape Whistle Candy. These are my all time favourite Japanese candies. There are eight sweets in pack, and they have the consistency of big Parma Violets. You put the sweet to your lips and breath in, and it makes a really loud whistling noise - Marianna was terrified! The little box at the bottom contains a free toy; this time I had a little doll house jug which I'm sure will come in very handy. :)

☆ Kabaya Shuwabo Change Cola. A long chewy candy (kind of like fruit salad bars), in lemon and orange flavour with fizzy powder in the centre. The flavours mix together to taste like cola, which is pretty cool.

☆ Meiji Torotto Baked Chocolate & Strawberry. There are nine in a pack of these, and they are like mini hard brownie cubes with a strawberry cream filling. Very tasty!

☆ Meisan Ume Pachi. Sour plum popping candy. Good fun for all ages.

girl pulling a face at sour flavour
The sour flavour face! :)

☆ Slim Ganko Age. Ready salted crisps that are shaped like chips, and in consistency they reminded me of dried breadsticks. I loved these and ate them with a sandwich for my my lunch

These type of subscription boxes are great fun, and the Japan Funbox is very reasonably priced. To order your own, check out the Japanese Candy Box - Japan Funbox, and connect with them on social media via FacebookGoogle+, Instagram, and Twitter.

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