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Marianna's Vocabulary

Marianna's Vocabulary at 20 Months

By the age of two the typical toddler knows about 75 words and has begun to string them together to form sentences. Marianna is now 20 months old, so I figured it would be a fun idea to take stock of what she can say so far - I know it will be super cute to look back on!


Daddy. This was the first word Marianna learned to say, and is still one of the most frequently used. In general, all men are Daddy too, unless they're Mummos - what criteria makes them Mummos is a mystery, but the most notable is Spock from Star Trek.
Mummo. While she can say 'Mum' and 'Mummy', Marianna prefers to say 'Mummo' thanks to Anthony's dedicated coaching.
Nanny. Also at Nanny's are Bamp, Rhysee, and Hannee.
Girl. Her favourite use for this is 'Good Girl', which she uses to congratulate herself (and others) on everything from turning the page of a book to going to the toilet.
Babi. Baby or child, the collective term being 'Babis'.
Baba. A plush baby doll she loves.
Bracken Wow Wow. Marianna can say Dog, but she usually calls them wow wows. And just about every unknown animal is a wow wow. Cats are sometimes wow wows, it seems to depend what mood she's in! She can also give basic commands to the dog, like 'No, wow wow', 'Sit, wow wow' and 'Silly wow wow'.
Quack Quack (covers all birds).
Parsey Wow Wow. Parsley the Lion from The Herbs, her second favourite TV show.
Rainbow. Her favourite TV show. Marianna can say Rainbow, and understands it to mean both the show and the weather event, but prefers to call the show 'Braby'. She can say the names of all the main characters too: George, Geoffrey, Zippy, and - best of all - Bungle Bear.
Bear. Bungle, actual bears, and teddy bears, particularly Mr Teddy, her favourite soft toy.
Horsey. Tends to sound more like 'seesaw'!
Chicken. She doesn't believe that the type she eats is the same as the ones my parents keep as pets though.


Shop. Marianna loves the shop - if you ask her where someone is, or where she wants to go, it's invariably the shop. She can also say Trolley, Money, and Car / Brrum Brrum, something which she mostly associates with shopping as my mum gives us a lift to go food shopping on Tuesdays.
Garden. Sounds more like 'Gardee'; it's the place where we see the flowers (flowees), TreesGrass, Stones, and Sky.
House. Things in the house she can say include BedWindow, Light, MeMe (mirror), and Door. For some reason she is obsessed with doors!


Book. The only problem is that as soon as the book is finished, she follows it up with 'More Book!'
Nappy. Related words include wee wee and poo - if you ask her if she has done either she'll say no, regardless of how big a lie that is!
Dolly. Sounds like 'Dowee' - it's so cute.
Clothes. Specific items are socks and shoes. Marianna loves shoes, but has little concept of size - she kept trying to put on a pair of tiny Barbie shoes recently. :D
Bath. One of the best parts of the day, mostly because you get to play with bubbles in the water.
Din Dins. Any kind of food, though she can say Choclis (chocolate) well enough.
Bok Bok. Bottle, from which Drink is drunk.
Head. Other body parts she can say are toes, hands, fingers, eyes, ears, nose, feet, and legs.


No. Her favourite word. It's adorable when she says Oh, no! though.
All gone.
Go Away!
Up. To be picked up - if you're not fast enough it becomes Uppy Uppy!
Tickle. 'Ticklies!'
There it is! And variants, including 'on there', 'in here', etc.
★ Marianna can count to five so far.


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