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Editorial Calendar Ideas for October

Blogging Calendar - Holidays, Celebrations, Awareness Days, and Other Notable Occasions.

Throughout the year there are so many awareness days, commemorative days, special days, celebrations, holidays, observances, etc, etc. These can be great as blog post inspiration, or just for getting a bit of extra traffic to an existing post by repromoting it as a tie-in.

Read on for a list of notable dates for September - if the day has its own website or wiki page, I've linked to it. A lot of the weirder ones are USA based unofficial 'national days'; I've included them in the list if they've crossed the pond, or had a fair number of media hits when I googled them.

I've also included links to any posts I've written for a particular day.


 Armed Forces' Day. [South Korea]
 CD Player Day.
☆ Children's Day. [El Salvador, Guatemala, Sri Lanka]
 Day of Prosecutors. [Azerbaijan]
 Independence Day. [Cyprus]
 International Coffee Day.
 Independence Day. [Nigeria]
 Independence Day. [Palau, Tuvalu]
 Lincolnshire Day. [UK]
 National Day of the People's Republic of China.
 Pancasila Sanctity Day. [Indonesia]
 Teachers' Day. [Uzbekistan]
 Unification Day. [Cameroon]
 World Card Making Day.
 World Vegetarian Day.


 Batik Day. [Indonesia]
 Gandhi Jayanti. [India]
 Independence Day. [Guinea]
 International Day of Non-Violence.
 Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels.
 Name Your Car Day.
 National Custodial Workers' Day. [USA]
National Grandparents' Day. [Italy]
 World Day for Farmed Animals.


 Boyfriends' Day.
 National Day. [Iraq]
 National Foundation Day. [South Korea]
 National Techies Day. [USA]
 Soldier's Day. [Honduras]
Unity Day. [Germany]
 Virus Appreciation Day.


 Improve Your Office Day.
Independence Day. [Lesotho]
 Kanelbullens (Cinnamon Bun) Day. [Sweden]
 National Taco Day. [USA]
 National Vodka Day. [USA]
 Ship in a Bottle Day.
 World Animal Day.


 Armed Forces Day. [Indonesia]
 Balloons Around the World Day.
 Chic Spy Day.
 Constitution Day. [Vanuatu]
 International Day of Prostitution.
 Republic Day. [Portugal]
World Teachers' Day. 


Armed Forces Day. [Egypt]
 Day of Commemoration and National Mourning. [Turkmenistan]
 Dukla Pass Victims Day. [Slovakia]
 German-American Day. [USA]
 Mad Hatter Day.
 Memorial Day for the Martyrs of Arad. [Hungary]
 National Noodle Day. [USA]
 National Physician Assistant Day. [USA]


 Bathtub Day.
 Frappe Day.
 IAS Anniversary. {Scientology}
 Random Acts of Poetry Day.
☆ Teacher's Day. [Laos]


 Air Force Day. [India]
☆ Children's Day. [Iran]
 Independence Day. [Croatia]
 National Pierogi Day. [USA]
 Navy Day. [Peru]
 World Octopus Day.


 Curious Events Day.
 Fiesta Nacional de Espana. [Spain]
 Fire Prevention Day. [USA]
Hangul Day. [South Korea]
 Independence Day. [Uganda]
 Independence of Guayaquil. [Ecuador]
 International Beer and Pizza Day.
 Leif Erikson Day. [USA]
 National Day of Commemorating the Holocaust. [Romania]
 National Moldy Cheese Day. [USA]
 Valencian Community Day. [Spain]
 World Post Day.


 Capital Liberation Day. [Vietnam]
 Fiji Day. [Fiji]
 Finnish Literature Day. [Finland]
 Handbag Day.
 Hug a Drummer Day.
 Independence Day. [Cuba]
 Mochi Day. [Japan]
 National Day of the Republic of China. [Taiwan]
 National Shift10 Day. [USA]
 Party Foundation Day. [North Korea]
 World Homeless Day.
World Mental Health Day.
 World Porridge Day.


 Ada Lovelace Day.
 Face Your Fears Day.
 General Pulaski Memorial Day. [USA]
 International Day of the Girl Child.
 National Coming Out Day. [Worldwide]
 National Sausage Pizza Day. [USA]
 Old Michaelmas Day.
 Revolution Day. [Republic of Macedonia]


 Children's Day. [Brazil]
 Columbus Day.
 Engineers' Day. [Uruguay]
 Freethought Day.
 Old Farmers' Day.
 World Arthritis Day.


 Day of Azerbaijani Railway. [Azerbaijan]
National Police Day. [Thailand]
 No Bra Day.


 Be Bald and Be Free Day.
 International Top Spinning Day.
 Mother's Day. [Belarus]
 National Dessert Day. [USA]
 World Standards Day.


 Breast Health Day.
 Bridge Day.
 Chicken Cacciatore Day.
☆ Cook With Your Kids Day.
 Evacuation Day. [Tunisia]
 Global Handwashing Day.
 King Father's Commemoration Day. [Cambodia]
 National Latino AIDS Awareness Day. [USA]
 Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.
 Spirit Day.
 White Cane Safety Day.
☆ World Maths Day.
 World Student Day.


 Boss' Day. (note - or nearest working day.)
 Department Store Day.
 Dictionary Day.
 National Feral Cat Day. [USA]
 Steve Jobs Day.
 Teachers' Day. [Chile]
 White Cane Safety Day. [USA]
World Food Day.
 World Toy Camera Day.


☆ Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day.
☆ International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.
☆ Mulligan Day.
Spreadsheet Day.
 Wear Something Gaudy Day.


 Independence Day. [Azerbaijan]
☆ National Chocolate Cupcake Day. [USA]
 No Beard Day.


 Evaluate Your Life Day.
 Hagfish Day.


 Conflict Resolution Day.
 Get Smart About Credit Day.
 Information Overload Day.
 International Sloth Day.
 National Brandied Fruit Day. [USA]
☆ National Waiters Day. [USA]
 Suspenders Day.
Women's Day. [Vietnam]


Apple Day. [UK]
 Armed Forces Day. [Honduras]
 Back to the Future Day.
 Count Your Buttons Day.
 International Day of the Nacho.
 National Heroes Day. [UK]
 National Nurses' Day. [Thailand]
 Ndadaye Day. [Burundi]
 Overseas Chinese Day. [Taiwan]
 Police Commemoration Day. [India]
 Reptile Awareness Day.
 Trafalgar Day. [UK]


 International CAPS LOCK DAY.
International Stuttering Awareness Day.
 National Nut Day. [UK]
 Smart is Cool Day.


 iPod Day.
 Mole Day.
 National Boston Creme Pie Day. [USA]
 National TV Talk Show Host Day. [USA]
Paris Peace Agreement Day. [Cambodia]


 National Bologna Day. [USA]
 National Food Day. [USA]
 United Nations Day.
☆ World Tripe Day.


 International Artists' Day.
 National Greasy Food Day. [USA]
 Punk for a Day Day.
Retrocession Day. [Taiwan]
 Sourest Day.
 World Pasta Day.


 Howl at the Moon Day.
 Intersex Awareness Day.
 Mincemeat Day.
 Pumpkin Day.


Black Cat Day.
 Cranky Co-Workers' Day.
 Independence Day. [Turkmenistan]
 Navy Day. [USA]


 International Animation Day.
 International Bandana Day.
 National Chocolate Day. [USA]
 Plush Animal Lovers' Day.
 Youth Pledge Day. [Indonesia]


 Hug a Sheep Day.
 Internet Day.
 National Cat Day. [USA]
 National Oatmeal Day. [USA]
Republic Day. [Turkey]


 Checklist Day.
 Create a Great Funeral Day.
☆ Haunted Refrigerator Night.
 National Candy Corn Day. [USA]


 Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security.
 Magic Day.
 National Candy Apple Day. [USA]
 Reformation Day.


 Child Health Day. [USA] - First Monday.
 Territory Day. [Christmas Island] - First Monday.
 World Architecture Day. - First Monday.
 World Day of Bullying Prevention. - First Monday.
 World Habitat Day. - First Monday.
☆ Children's Day. [Singapore]  - First Friday.
 World Smile Day. - First Friday.
 Change a Light Day. - First Sunday.
 Father's Day.[Luxembourg] - First Sunday.
 Grandparents' Day. [UK] - First Sunday.
 World Communion Sunday. - First Sunday.
 Mother's Day. [Malawi] - Second Monday.
 Native American Day. [South Dakota, USA] - Second Monday.
 Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work / School Day. - Second Wednesday.
 Emergency Nurses' Day. [USA] - Second Wednesday.
 World Chicken Day. - Second Thursday.
 World Sight Day. - Second Thursday.
☆ World Egg Day. - Second Friday.
 Grandmothers' Day. [Germany] - Second Sunday.
 Grandparents' Day. [Pakistan] - Second Sunday.
 Mother's Day. [Argentina] - Third Monday.
Global Dignity Day. - Third Wednesday.
 International Credit Union Day. - Third Thursday.
 Sweetest Day. [USA] - Third Saturday.
 Labour Day. [New Zealand] - Fourth Monday.
☆ Children's Day. [Australia, Malaysia] - Fourth Saturday.
 Make a Difference Day. [USA] - Fourth Saturday.
 Mother-in-Law Day. Fourth Sunday.
 World Mission Sunday. - Penultimate Sunday.
 Nevada Day. [USA] - Last Friday.

Weeks / Months

 Mental Illness Awareness Week. [USA - first full week]

 ADHD Awareness Month.
 Computer Learning Month.
 International Dinosaur Month.
 National Pizza Month. [USA]
 National Pork Month. [USA]

For other months, click HERE.

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