Thursday, 13 October 2016

Five Things Tag

5 Things Blogging Tag

Because I haven't done one of these in a while... I found this one doing the rounds on Tumblr.

1. Five Things You’ll Always Find In My Bag -

Purse; possibly containing money, I wouldn't bet on it.
 Used bus tickets.
 Bobby pins.
 Appointments diary - i.e. the only hope I have of remembering anything.
 Tangle Teezer brush.

My bag is slightly less of a mess than last time I did a 'What's in my Handbag?' post but, then, that's not saying much...

What's in my Handbag?

2. Five Things In My Bedroom -

 Vintage kidney shaped dressing table with a glass top. It's like my pride and joy - I'll have to do a room tour post some time and show it off!
 Pile of unopened mail. (It gets everywhere.)
 Shoes. So many shoes.
 Betsy Bunny, my childhood soft toy.
 Notice Board.

3. Five Things That Make Me Very Happy -

 The people who read my ramblings.
 That Builders vs Strutters advert. Like, it shouldn't be that funny. But the guy at the end, with the braces. It just gets me every time.
 My new Mary Jane Skechers, they're so comfortable.
 All Marianna related things, even when they're simultaneously making me very miserable. (Non-stop repeats of Rosie and Jim, anyone?)

Neil, just raving it up in his own sitting room, like you do.

4. Five Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do In Life - 

 Go to DisneyWorld / DisneyLand / some variation on this theme. (Except the one in France because, man, the last time I went to Paris was enough to last me a half dozen lifetimes.)
 Become a Mum. We got there.
 Catch 'em all.
 Write a book. I'm too fickle and always lose interest by about 20k words.
 Speak fluent Welsh. I have some serious beef with the Welsh Language Standards, but it would be nice to be certain I wouldn't need a headset at bilingual meetings or whatever. Plus, there's always work in translation.

30 before 30 - a bucket list

5. Five Things On My To-Do List -

 Make Anthony cut the hedge.
 Faff about with prettying up the CommentLuv form on the blog.
 Get my hair cut. Well, thinned out more than anything; it's becoming too unruly.
 Declutter the house. Again.
 Sort through all mail and email. There's so much of it... If you're waiting on a reply from me, I promise I'm gonna get to it in the near future!

6. Five Things I’m Currently Into -

 Those little triangle rings that are already old news.
 Vertical Horizon. They make the most perfect background music.
 True Crime. (Secret: I'm always into True Crime.)
 Gotham. It's a Batman prequel with that guy from The O.C. and the kind of forensic psychiatric services that are going to keep the adult Bruce Wayne very very busy.

Penguin at Arkham Asylum
The Penguin on Arkham Asylum's treatment methods.

7. Five Things People May Not Know About Me -

 These kind of questions always terrify me because I'm such a boring person.
 I studied history at Cambridge and had dreams of being a historian, until I realised I'd have to reference everything I wrote, forever.
 I've got about 750,000 words of fiction up on the web, altogether.
 I'm not very sentimental, except for when I'm watching movies. Then I just can't help myself. I even cried at the cinema watching Bridesmaids. (Because they broke friends. *sniff*)
 I got mentioned in The Times once. I mean, not for anything interesting, but still. The Times.

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