Monday, 31 October 2016

Life According To Grim

We've been watching The Thin Blue Line (1995) again with the inimitable Inspector Grim (David Haig). Here are our top five Grim moments...

#5. On Policing:
I haven't been so excited since they introduced the American style siren.

#4. On Responsibility:

#3. On Marriage:
Marriage ... is comfort. It's security. I cannot tell you, the peace of mind which me and my Tina enjoy, knowing that things are as bad as they're ever going to get.

#2. On Fannying About:

#1. On Culture:
Inspector Grim on Culture

Bonus - On Keeping Love Alive:

Well, explain this then. What is it about the inability of women to get out of the house? I say, "Tina, we are leaving at 7:30... That's 7:30, not a quarter to 8:00, not next year, not in another lifetime when we've come back as a couple of insects which only live for a day- which she'd spend in the bathroom; putting mascara on her antennae, trying to stick 300 contact lenses into her multiple eyes; lipstick in her spiracles; and blonding her follicles. I shout, "come on, Tina!" She says, "I've got to put my face on, haven't I?" I say, "right.I'm waiting in the car.She says, "wait in the car." I say, "I will wait in the car." she says, "right, go wait in the car." I say, "I'm going out to the car." She says, "you go to the car." It grinds you down!

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