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Look In My Jewellery Box

A Look In My Jewellery Box

Even though I use a large craft storage box for my jewellery, I don't really own that much of it. It's just that what I do own tends to be big, chunky, and firmly in the 'costume' category.

I'm a terrible fidgeter and, over the years, I've learned it's better just not to wear expensive jewellery. If I don't twist it to breaking point, I take it off and leave it somewhere. I even lost my first engagement ring in the Louvre when I put it in my lap to put on some suncream and forgot all about it. In hindsight, it was probably a cosmic hint!

Anyway, here's a peek into my jewellery box...

My Jewellery Box

Okay, so here's the box itself. I got it in WHSmith, I think, a couple of years ago, but you can get similar 6 drawer storage boxes from B&M Bargains for £7.99. They're a nice, substantial size which is perfect if you like chunky bangles and beads.

Watches and Bangles

First up is the bottom draw, where I keep all my watches and bracelets. I love colourful plastic bangles, as you can probably tell, but the gold and black one is actually a swanky piece (i.e. cost more than 50p from a charity shop) I won from Lucas Jack. The trendy half bangle was a birthday present from my friend Louise, and the 'bling' at the bottom are stretch braclets from Primark. I like to wear them over blouse or dress cuffs.

Beads and Badges

Next up, in the middle drawers, I keep bead necklaces and badges. There's nothing particularly special in either; the prefect badge is from a long ago night out, the work related rosettes and pins are overspills from my notice board where their brethren live, and the rest are mostly super cheap finds from eBay or charity shops. I do have a real big soft spot for the butterfly badges though - they're museum gift shop purchases from when I was a kid, and I still can't find it in my heart to part with them.


Earrings! Lots and lots of earrings. For the most part they're hypoallergenic plastic studs which are really comfortable to wear, but there are also a few fancier pairs for going out. My favourite earring is the Bajoran ear cuff pictured on the far right. I'm proud of my Trekkie-dom.

necklacesCross Necklace

Here are my necklaces - mostly competition wins, and all of them perfect for fidgeting with. The crosses are a hangover from my teenage goth days; the drawing is from my GCSE Art sketchbook.


In the third draw I have a few more necklaces - £1 a pop - and my rings. Again, these are mostly cheap costume rings because I really can't be trusted not to lose or break them. The only expensive ones are the silver ring with blue stone pictured at the front, that's the replacement engagement ring for the one I lost at the Louvre from my first time around at it, and I have my nan's eternity ring in the box. My granddad gave it to me on the day of her funeral and it's really special to me.

My current engagement ring, which I do actually wear from time to time, is kept downstairs on the bookcase...


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