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Mini Mart Review: Sarah's OOAK Babies

Sarah's OOAK Babies Review

Supplier: Sarah's OOAK (One of a Kind) Babies
Website: Etsy Store.

Products: I've actually bought from this seller before, years ago when they were selling on eBay. Ever since I've been planning to place another order! In addition to super cute hand sculpted 1/12 scale baby and toddler dolls (with movable limbs!), they also sell detailed pushchairs, baby essentials (bottles, formula, nappies, etc), and - where my interest lay - miniature Fisher Price toys.

Sarah's OOAK Babies Miniature Fisher Price Review
I had one of these wonky dogs when I was a kid, so the little miniature version was a must buy when I saw it a few years ago.

I still haven't put my 1/12 scale house together, so I took some photos in the 1/6 scale house. Obviously the scale is out, but they still look good and, with toys, you can get away with a lot anyway. Still, this photo of the 1/12 scale Pull-a-Tune Xylophone next to the 1/6-ish scale Basic Fun version really shows how tiny these miniatures are!

1/6 scale vs. 1/12 scale Fisher Price Xylophone

I picked up 9 items altogether, including some other retro classics like an etch-a-sketch (£2.50), stylophone (£4.50), and a Little Professor calculator (£3.50). The Fisher Price was the big draw though, and I got the Teaching Clock (£4.50), School (£12), Radio (£4), Xylophone (£6), corn popper (£7), and the Chatter Phone (£6.50). My favourites are the Teaching Clock and Chatter Phone; they really look the part.

Miniature Fisher Price Chatter Phone
Other items are mostly from the Re-ment 'Play with Baby' (2007) set.

Post and Packing: £3.20 for larger items, £0.95 for smaller items. There is some combined postage, but still expect it to be on the high side - I paid £7.20. It was sent recorded delivery though, and was with me just a couple of days after purchase.

Sarah's OOAK Babies Review

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