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Review: Book of Everyone

The Book of Everyone Review

Last Christmas I reviewed a Book of Everyone keepsake book I ordered for my dad, and generally told the world how impressed I was with it. I was super pleased, then, when I was asked if I'd like to review another book this year. I decided to create one for my mum and, though I'm sharing a few pics here, I've already put it away for Christmas. :)

The Book of Wendy

The Book of Everyone is all about enabling people to create special, personalised books - without needing to attend a couple years worth of craft classes to get it looking how you want it! A whole team of professionals have contributed some kick ass graphics, quotable factoids, and an interface that makes the whole process a breeze.

Seriously, the website is incredibly easy to use. You begin by filling in a short 'who's it for?' form with name, gender and date of birth details. Next you input who the book is from, and their relationship to the recipient. Then the fun part begins!

The Book of Everyone Review

Even if you just go with the default settings, you can be sure the end product is going to be amazing. But there are still plenty of opportunities to put your own stamp on things. For some pages this might just mean picking from a selection of colours or backgrounds, like the page pictured above, while others give you the option to upload your own photographs and add your own text. Just like this:

The Book of Everyone Review

The print quality is really good - here's a bit of a close up, so you can see it better:

The Book of Everyone

If anything, I'm even more impressed with the service than I was last year! The customisation options are even more extensive, and there has been some reworking of the art to keep things fresh. So, why not check out The Book of Everyone and create a book of your own - they come in digital (£7.50), soft cover (£19.50), hard cover (£29.50), or deluxe (£49.50) formats. The latter three options include free postage and a free digital version, which is a really nice touch.

20% off at The Book of Everyone

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