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Wise Words For Kids

Wise Words For Kids

Regular readers will know all about my love for The Book of Everyone, the customisable personalised books you can give for just about any occasion. So I was super psyched when I was asked if I'd like to review their new venture, Wise Words For Kids.

As always with The Book of Everyone, the graphic design and layout of the book is awesome. The artwork is bright, eye-catching, and memorable, and the double page spreads dotted throughout work really well.

All of us are in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars

Each speech bubble comes with two default pieces of wisdom to choose between. Alternatively, you can put in inspirational quotes, or whatever other advice pops into your head. I write a weekly round-up blog post every Sunday which starts with one of my favourite quotes, so I had great fun going through my masterlist of them and picking out the best ones.

I kept a few of the defaults - they range from the heart warming to the delightfully silly ('Never do your homework in a room without windows') - then went through and fit the new quotes to the most suitable images:

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken

I remember having a little book of quotes and advice when I was a kid, which I loved looking through over and over again. The great thing about this is that it takes it a step further, combining sleek and professional design with highly personalised messages. I was able to include some Welsh for example, because it's something that is part of Marianna's life:

Work begun is half done

As always, the process was simple, and the turnaround time was excellent. I ordered the book on Monday night, and it was with me on Thursday morning. I then got busy taking some photographs, so I could put it away as a keepsake gift for Christmas. I'm really pleased with the book, and I hope that as she gets older Marianna will enjoy reading back through it and understanding more about the quotes and their meaning.

Here she is with the Wonder Woman themed page and her two favourite dollies:

Be kind to yourself

You can make your own Wise Words For Kids for £19.95 in paperback, £29.95 hardback, and £49.95 for a deluxe edition. Each option includes a free digital copy and 1st class Royal Mail delivery within the UK. Plus, if you click the picture below, you can get 20% off with my referral link -

20% off at The Book of Everyone

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