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New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions 2017

Here are my goals for 2017!

Be Active, Get Fit

I totally sucked at this goal in 2016. If anything, I was less active and put on more weight than I did in 2015. Still, optimism is the key looking forward! I want to lose two or three stone this year, and generally eat more healthily.


Obviously the main focus this year has to be on winning the election in May. If I succeed, I can pour all my energy into being Mayor and then see how things go from there. If I don't succeed, well... I'll need to find a new job ASAP as Anthony is still out of work and we're totally reliant on my income. I'm hoping to grow the blog to the stage where it could sustain us as a stop gap, otherwise my parents will be welcoming long term guests to my old bedroom...


Following on from the work goals, this year will be all about working on getting out of my overdraft. In an ideal world I'll win the election and Anthony will find a job, but who knows. I'm going to be doing my best to save and side hustle wherever possible anyway - ebaying, upping my comping game, and trying to get out our shopping bill down as much as I can.


I'm hoping to blog every day in 2017 and, in the quest to make it a viable business venture, I'll be putting more emphasis on bread and butter parenting / lifestyle topics, alongside my usual eclectic mix of crime, reviews and random interests of the moment. Other aspects I'll be giving attention to include social media, linkies and the blogging community, and the all important 'branding'. Some specific goals are:
  • Grow Twitter following from 9k to 15k.
  • Get into the top 100 of Tots100. 
  • Look into social scheduling for Facebook and Instagram.
I'd love to get to a blogging conference too, but it really depends on what's happening with work and the state of our finances.


I've signed up to the Get Your Words Out challenge this year, in the 300k category. You have to check in every month with your word count, which should help me stay on track. A lot of my blog posts - reviews, tutorials, research, acafandom, etc - will be able to count towards my total, and I'm also planning on writing more fiction this year. Last year I managed 80k of fanfiction to about 500 words of original fiction, so that ratio is something to work on! I've got to try and work up the courage to enter a few writing competitions too. I won the one I did enter in 2016 - it was only a small flash fiction contest, but still. It bagged me a £10 Amazon voucher. :)

Family and Home Life

The big thing I need to work on this year is organisation and time management. Marianna is getting older now so I want to get out and about with her more, which will require way better planning than is our current norm. We will also be able to do more fun (and educational!) things like arts, crafts, and day trips. Around the house my goals are to get on top of the laundry schedule once and for all, and sort the front garden out. We made a start last year but it's still looking a total mess out there. The bane of my life (the hedge) is crying out for some TLC too, so I really need to get a decent hedge cutter this year.

Social Life

I don't really have one, but I would like to! Right now the goal is to go on (or stay in for, let's be realistic) for a date night once a month, and to catch up with friends more than once a year.

What are your goals for 2017?

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