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Favourite Fictional Tropes

Favourite Fictional Tropes

All my favourite fictional tropes are kind of interconnected, based on miscommunication and misunderstandings. With that in mind, we have -


Perhaps the characters are police officers going undercover for a case, or maybe they have to find a spouse ASAP in order to inherit Great Auntie Pat's fortune. I don't care how cheesy the execution of this trope is - think of all those made for TV Christmas movies - I can never get enough of it.

My Best Friend's Wedding
My Best Friend's Wedding.


Even better than pretending to be a couple is when one character realises they actually already in a relationship, at least as far as their partner is concerned. Again, believability really doesn't matter too much to me with this trope.


This sounds way kinkier than it actually is! It's basically when a character's double identity leads to awkward shennanigans. Think Clark Kent trying to remember what he has told Lois Lane as himself, and what he's told her as Superman, or that classic Pina Colada Song where it turns out the couple's dream partner from the personal ads was actually their own spouse all along.



This can be magical literal body swaps, or simply pretending to be someone else a la identity porn - anything from the super silliness of Big Momma's House to a serious, long-term undercover operation. I will totally take time travel in the same body too. I eat it all up with a spoon.

Freaky Friday
Freaky Friday.


Like, I thought you were sneaking around behind my back with another woman, but all this time you were arranging a lovely surprise party. The longer the misunderstanding goes on and the more angst it causes, the better. Like, well, I figured I would get my own back already and now we have to deal with all that fallout... Fictional heaven. <3

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