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LGBT+ TV Adverts

LGBT+ TV Advertising in the UK

I've been writing a series of posts on LGBT+ themes in UK sitcoms over on Tumblr - read more HERE - and as an offshoot I started looking at TV advertising. This will serve as a master post for write ups on individual adverts.

 1995. When news of a male/male kiss in a Guinness ad hit the tabloid press the backlash was so strong that the brand chose not to air it. Read more HERE.

 1995. Levi's cast fashion designer Zaldy in drag in an ad for their 501s.

☆ 1996. Boisvert Lingerie featured a lesbian kiss in a post-watershed TV spot asking whether men deserved their product.

☆ 1996. Ford spoofed Levi's controversial 1995 ad in a spot for Ford Escort starring Lily Savage.

☆ 1996. Lynx Jealousy.

☆ 1996. Virgin Vodka aired the first male/male kiss in a UK advert on MTV.

☆ 1997. Polaroid.

☆ 1997. Robinson's Juice.

 1998. IKEA's 'Stop Being So English' campaign encouraged Brits to loosen up and become more like the liberal Swedes.

 1998. Impulse bodyspray's 'Chance Encounter' campaign featured the first overtly gay male couple in UK television advertising.

 1998. Rubberstuffers condoms.

☆ 1999. Heineken.

☆ 2002. Archers' 'Barry's Birthday' and 'Train' adverts for Archers Aqua featured a drag queen and her male go-go dancers.

☆ 2002. BT 'Moving In Together'.

☆ 2002. Virgin Mobile's 'Careful What You Sign' campaign attracted complaints for a prison rape joke.

☆ 2002. WKD. Locker Room.

☆ 2003. Marmite attracted 71 complaints with their ad featuring a prolonged same sex kiss of life. Read more HERE.

☆ 2003. Travelocity.

☆ 2004. Alpen.

☆ 2004. Daz.

☆ 2004. Dr. Pepper's 'What's The Worst That Could Happen?' campaign featured a hapless prom date and a dad who liked wrestling...

☆ 2004. Irn Bru.

☆ 2006. Maltesers had two women rearrange their sleeping boyfriends into each other's arms to advertise the fact that the brand was 'the lighter way to enjoy chocolate'.

☆ 2007. Silverjet.

2008. An advert for Heinz Deli Mayo featured a same sex kiss - the company withdrew it after receiving over 200 complaints in six days. Read more HERE.

 2012. Barclays became the first UK bank to feature a same sex couple in a TV commercial with their ad for personalised debit cards. Read more HERE.

 2013. Coca Cola's 'Reasons To Believe' campaign included a gay marriage scene in the UK version.

 2013. NatWest bank ran a super sweet ad featuring twin sisters - one who loved her husband Jeff, and the other who loved her girlfriend Kate. There was no fanfare surrounding it, and little mainstream media coverage. Read more HERE.

☆ 2015. Android: And Proud was an animated TV spot celebrating LGBT+ Pride and featuring a same-sex kiss.

 2016. BBC One's Christmas advert included two men sharing a kiss under the mistletoe.

 2016. Lloyds bank featured a same sex proposal in their 'Your Next Step' advert, launched in March. Read more HERE.

 2016. Match.com's 'Love Your Imperfections' campaign has racked up over 1200 complaints since 2016 for its inclusion of an amorous lesbian couple.

 2016. Moneysupermarket.com's Dave and Colin #epicdanceoff ad received complaints for depicting a possible homosexual couple.

☆ 2016. Sainsbury's Christmas campaign, 'The Greatest Gift', featured a same-sex couple and their child.

☆ 2016. Thomas Cook launched a 'bold and contemporary' ad in time for Christmas featuring a same sex kiss and a family with two dads. Read more HERE.

☆ 2016YOPA online estate agents ran a series of three lighthearted adverts starring The Village People.

☆ 2017. Heineken included two same-sex couples in their 'cocktail' ad for non-alcoholic drinks.

☆ 2017. Kellogg's #MyPerfectBowl campaign included a gay couple talking about how they like to eat their cornflakes.

☆ 2017. McCain's 'We Are Family' campaign featured a gay couple and their baby son who quickly became the object of online abuse.

☆ 2017. O2's 'Oops' campaign featured a brief kiss between two young men - and generated 125 complaints to the ASA in the process. Read more HERE.

☆ 2017. Sainsbury's #everybitofchristmas campaign featured a gay couple and their daughter.

☆ 2017. Tesco's 'Turkey, Every Which Way' campaign courted controversy - but not for its inclusion of a gay couple and their baby.

☆ 2018. McCain's 'Here's To Love' spot featured a same sex couple.

☆ 2018. HSBC UK's 'Connected Money' ad talks about the banks of mum and dad, dad and dad, and mum and mum...

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