Saturday, 18 March 2017

Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day

CSE - child sexual exploitation

Today is CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) awareness day. CSE is exactly what it sounds like - children being targeted and groomed by adults for the purpose of sexual assault / rape. It doesn't just happen in the big cities either. CSE is a major issue across the UK, not least because so much of it is online based.


#CSEDAY17 is all about raising awareness of the CSE warning signs.

CSE Warning Signs

Awareness isn't only important for police, parents and carers. Anyone and everyone can spot the signs of CSE and report them.

CSE don't mask the problem

There are a number of initiatives in Wales to help tackle CSE, like Operation NetSafe. (Click the banner below for more information.) To report CSE to Gwent Police ring 101.


To show your support for the awareness day, join the Thunderclap #HelpingHands project. Check out the website.

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