Monday, 13 March 2017

Favourite Flowers

Spring is coming! So what better time to share my five favourite flowers?


#5. Foxglove

Thanks to reading way too much prettily illustrated fantasy as a kid, foxgloves always make me think of fairies. The shape and the colours are so delicate.


#4. Lily

Lilies are so elegant and beautiful. I love them in colourful hybrid form and, of course, the association of the plain variety with death speaks directly to my inner goth!


#3. Crocosmia

They're usually called Montbretia here, but the American name is much prettier - Falling Stars. I love the colour contrast of green and orange, and they're winter-hardy.


#2. Snapdragon

I like snapdragons for basically the same reasons I like foxgloves, just with the added bonus of more bright colour. Apparently they symbolise graciousness and strength.


#1. Daffodil

Daffodil is actually the common name for a whole bunch of similar flowers in the Narcissus genus. In Welsh they're known as Cennin Pedr or 'Peter's Leek', which is why they serve as the national emblem of Wales alongside the leek. I've always loved them for their bright colour, the interesting shape of the trumpet, and the fact they just look like a happy kind of flower!

What are your favourite flowers?

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