Sunday, 12 March 2017 - Love Your Imperfections Love Your Imperfections Lesbian Couple Love Your Imperfections Advert's 'Love Your Imperfections' advertising campaign launched in 2016, initially airing in January and again in April. Match said: "Starting with a full-length 40 second advert that features Tom, the big-bellied man from the teaser ad; Pete, who wears socks in bed; and Emma, who has a tendency to be messy. It will also be the first advert from Match to feature a lesbian couple, in this case Emma and her date. The TV ads will be preceded by online media support of the ad across a variety of different platforms including Facebook and Youtube."

The ad notched up 810 complaints to ASA - the advertising standards agency - in 2016, making it the third most complained about advert of the year. ASA said:

"This TV ad showed a women getting home from work to her female partner who removed her top and passionately kissed her. The ad was shown in January 2016 and then again in April. Each time, complainants challenged whether the ad was sexually explicit and inappropriately scheduled. We judged the ad would not cause serious or widespread offence and were satisfied that the scheduling restriction it had been given prevented it being shown in or around dedicated children’s programmes or those with particular appeal to children."

It was shown again in 2017, garnering another 293 complaints making it the fourth most complained about advert of the year. ASA said:

"’s ad, starring a lesbian couple kissing passionately, appears again in our list of most complained about ads. We received similar complaints last year, when it was number three on our list, about whether the ad was too sexually explicit for children to see. We ruled then that the ad did not cross the line. Over the two years, the ad has attracted almost 1,200 complaints."

Apparently nobody took the time out to complain about the guy flashing his chest and passionately snogging a woman immediately before this scene...

You can watch the full ad below:

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