Thursday, 16 March 2017 - Dave and Colin #epicdanceoff

Money Supermarket EPICDANCEOFF

Intentional or not, some members of the British public felt this offering from depicted a homosexual couple. And they weren't happy about it. The ad received 503 complaints in 2016, making it the fourth most complained about advert of the year. ASA said:

"Another TV ad featuring Dave and Colin. This time the two characters were alone in an underground car park and each performed dance moves in a bid to out-do each other. All the complaints we received said the ad was overtly sexual. A high proportion of complaints also said the ad was offensive because it showed what they perceived to be two homosexuals together. While always taking in to account the fact some people may find the ad distasteful, we ruled the ad did not break the rules as the majority of viewers would interpret the scenes as light-hearted and humorous."

Other ads in the campaign also received high numbers of complaints, for sexualised dance moves and, in some instances, for homophobia. Their 2017 #epicsquads ad received 455 complaints for 'overtly sexual and possibly homophobic' content, making it the second most complained about advert of that year.

Moneysupermarket Epicsquads Advert

The campaign was massively successful for Money Supermarket, becoming something of a national obsession for the duration of its run. Lead 'strutter' Dave, played by Michael Van Schoick, was the particular focus of media interest - the whole country wanted to strut like Dave!

You can see the full #epicdanceoff ad below:

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