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8 Writing Asks

8 Writing Asks

Originally posted to Tumblr, 06/04/2018.

☆. What is your total word count on AO3? 

1,395,062. AKA a lot. xD

☆. How often do you write? 

Most days. I tend to write in the evenings when I’m doing all my various online shizz - comping, ebaying, working on my parent blog, etc.

☆. Do you have a routine for writing?

Nope. I just write until it feels done. If I do spend time plotting something out, it’ll be in my head on the bus or in a boring meeting at work or something. (Unless I’m chairing. Gotta at least try and be professional then…)

☆. What’s your favourite kinks/tropes/pairing?

 I am ridiculously predictable. I like pairings with hero worship on one or both sides, preferably with an age difference and / or a suitably angsty reason why they can seemingly never be together. Class difference is a particular favourite, and I will always take historical homophobia - I never tire of retro buddy cops.

Same with tropes. Fake dating, misunderstandings, identity porn. I love it all.

Favourite Fictional Tropes

☆. Do you have a favourite fic of yours?

 It changes all the time. Right now I’ll go with the Tucker’s Luck fic that was just exactly what I wanted it to be, and the WW2 AU I wrote for Gordlock. Basically the most self indulgent fics!

☆. Your fic with the most kudos? 

Kink Meme Fills - collection of The Hobbit oneshots, mostly Boffins

☆. Anything you don’t like about your writing? 

I really struggle to write anything of a decent length. The longest individual fic I ever wrote was still only 39k, and I never actually finished it. Usually it’s more like 1 - 4k.

☆. Now something you do like? 

I think my stuff flows nicely. That sounds like the dumbest thing ever, but I feel like it’s an easy read because of the ~flow~.

☆. Tag some of your favourite writers.

Open tags to anyone who wants to do it - I love you all!

For more general tags, check out my blogging tags, memes and challenges post.

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