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Canadian Cops in Miniature

RCMP in Miniature

The bulk of Canadian policing is provided by RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police - who are known the world over for their distinctive dress uniform. This post looks at the available miniatures in 1/6 scale.

Action Man Canadian Mounted Police

Action Man never could resist a dashing uniform! Introduced as part of the star reward scheme in 1968, the uniform was also available as a regular uniform set until the early 1980s before being re-released as part of Action Man's 40th Anniversary collection. For more info and lots of pictures, check out the Action Man HQ page. Geyper Man, Spain's answer to the man of action, also had a RCMP uniform of his own in 1975.

GI Joe Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Meanwhile GI Joe, Action Man's transatlantic cousin, was also getting in on the Mountie action. In 1966 Simpsons-Sears started stocking the figure above as a Canadian exclusive. (This version was sold concurrently with the Action Men of the World window box version, presumably depending on packaging availability.) There's an awesome article at Collectorville detailing the full history of this figure.

Mountie GI Joe rode again in 1976 as both a dressed figure and via a carded uniform set (also available as Action Team releases - figureuniform).

Barbie as a Canadian Mountie

Barbie has had two stints as a Mountie, first in 1987 as part of the Dolls of the World collection, then again in 2012 - as pictured above. If you're looking for a Ken to partner up with her, Ninimomo offer a fabulous OOAK version.

Dragon John Steele RCMP Figure

Dragon releases a RCMP figure - 'John Steele' - in May 2003.

RCMP Country 13 inch Porcelain Doll

This souvenir porcelain doll is not quite strictly 1/6 scale, but at 13" tall he's close enough for inclusion. Mascot Custom Character Products Inc also produced a 'RCMP Elite' 18" female porcelain doll. As you might expect with such an iconic look, there are numerous vintage porcelain, cloth, and plastic costume dolls (and teddies!) of various sizes depicting Mounties - some may even have hats or accessories worth nicking for 1/6 scale figures.

Breyer RCMP Horse

Another 'honourable mention' for this officially RCMP licensed Breyer horse in 1/9 scale. It's musical and everything.

The 1/10 scale Madelman had a Mountie release (regular box and picture box), and when Palitoy reinvented him as 'Little Big Man' for the UK market in the mid 1970s he got his own pony to go on Mountie Patrol.

For more like this, please click the image below:
Policing in Miniature

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