Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Fic Writers Week Day #3

Fic Writers Week 2017

Fic Writers Week is an initiative over on Tumblr to celebrate fandom - the writers who create all that free content, and the readers who consume it. Find out more at my masterpost.

The task for day three is...

Writers: Highlight your new/underrated fics - Have a story you’re proud of but that you wish had gotten more attention? Just published a fic and want people to see it? This day is the perfect chance to talk about them!

The thing is, I mostly write for small fandoms and the recognition any particular fic gets is directly related to the size of the fandom.

E.g. Where I Want To Be is one of my favourite things I’ve ever written, but it has attracted only two comments across AO3 and FFN in the almost six years since I wrote it. It was exactly the story Tucker’s Luck made me want to tell though, and I still love it completely.

I suppose the other one which is never going to be read much but I’m still really proud of is In Night and Ice, which is an ill fated love story with a Titanic background. It’s probably the longest piece of original fic I’ve ever actually shared with the world, and I had fun putting my addiction to Edwardian romances to good use. :)

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