Thursday, 20 July 2017

Fic Writers Week Day #4

Fic Writers Week 2017

Fic Writers Week is an initiative over on Tumblr to celebrate fandom - the writers who create all that free content, and the readers who consume it. Find out more at my masterpost.

The task for day four is...

The devil's in the details. Writers: Highlight details you put into your work - Foreshadowing? External reference? Show off some subtle details you’ve included in your fics that readers might have missed!

I suppose the one that immediately springs to mind is Deal, the Devil Went Down To Georgia fic I wrote for Yuletide a few years back. I did my best to cram in as many references to other versions of the song, folklore, media, etc, as I could. Eg.
Not that he didn’t have his own troubles with the union, the Devil conceded as he checked his road map, then tried turning it upside down for good measure. Demonic possession had seemed just the ticket to up his brand recognition, but a proper possession was so longwinded and tiresome, and the Seventh Circle of Hell branch had taken to distributing propagandist pamphlets, complaining that spending months trapped in the body of a hormonal teenage girl wasn’t anywhere near as fun as it sounded.
Another fic I specifically went out of my way to include subtle references for was Friends with Benefits, a Breakfast Club fic I wrote  this summer. It’s from Bender’s POV:
Allison gets it, obviously, and even Claire doesn’t drag things out any longer than necessary. She keeps him hanging on a leash for a week or two, like some stray she’s found in the street; then she gets bored of his not having any money, not having a Daddy he can ask for a few bucks to tide him over, and ditches him for some preppy idiot who doesn’t wear socks with his loafers.
Pretty in Pink is one of my all time favourite films and I couldn’t resist including a little nod to Blane and his richie ways. :D

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