Monday, 24 July 2017

Fic Writers Week Day #7

Fic Writers Week 2017

Fic Writers Week is an initiative over on Tumblr to celebrate fandom - the writers who create all that free content, and the readers who consume it. Find out more at my masterpost.

The task for day seven is...

Spread the Word! Today’s task for @ficwritersweek is to self-rec some of your favourite things you’ve written. 

I’ve already talked about a few of these throughout the week but here are a few other fics I particularly like:

#1. Genius (Half Moon Investigations - T - c. 9000 words)

It’s Valentine’s Day - the busiest day in any private detective’s diary. Fletcher has mysteries galore to unravel, but Red seems to be too busy hiding a secret of his own to be of much assistance. I wrote this for smallfandomfest back when I was at university, holed up in my room terribly sick with flu. The mystery quite probably suffers for that, but the writing cheered me up immensely and I felt the fic really captured the zanily cute feel of the TV show. :)

#2. Fool (Deep Space Nine - G - c. 1,000 words)

 This is a short little piece I wrote as a Yuletide treat in 2012. It kind of sums up everything I like about Garak/Bashir though - pining, angsting, the bittersweetness of loving someone you don’t think you can have…

#3. Come Alive (Downton Abbey - T - c. 28,000 words)

Written for a prompt on the anon meme, asking for fic of Thomas Barrow leaving Downton in disgrace in S3, and taking a job someplace remote and spooky for a handsome man with a terrible secret. I had lots of fun writing gothic horror tropes and chucking in silent film references!

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