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Heidi Ott 12th Scale Dolls

Heidi Ott Young Woman

When I started getting into the hobby Heidi Ott was pretty much it as far as more affordable articulated 1/12 scale dolls went. They came in 4 basic designs: young and older woman, and young and older man (the Caucasian types came with blue or brown painted eyes, and there was a Black version of the younger models). Sometimes the male dolls have flocked hair and / or facial hair, while the women come bald or with tiny little wigs.

As the dolls become harder to find the prices only increase - you'll be lucky to find a basic undressed figure for less than £30, and the dressed ones will set you back at least £50+. In an age when you can get a Figma type doll for £4, as cute and well designed as these are, you'll probably only want to pick them up if you happen across them going cheaply.

Heidi Ott Undressed Dolls

Heidi Ott also made smaller dolls in 1/12 scale meant to be teenagers, kids and babies - they have cloth bodies and plastic limbs:

Heidi Ott Children Dolls

There were lots of dressed dolls released, primarily Victorian era but also a fair range of more modern looks. Check out the catalogue pages for dressed babies (one, two), toddlers, children, teenagers, and adults:

Heidi Ott Dressed DollsHeidi Ott Miniature Dolls
Heidi Ott Modern DollsHeidi Ott 12th Scale Dolls
Heidi Ott Scale DollsHeidi Ott Doll Shoes

In addition to the shoes and sundries shown above - and cute little necklaces - you could also buy clothing separately:

Heidi Ott Doll Clothes

For more like this, please click the image below:
Twelfth Scale Dolls and Figures

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