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Mezco One:12 Collective

Mezco Ghostbusters

Mezco Toyz do a line of figures under the One:12 Collective label that may be relevant to the 1/12 scale doll collector's interests. The 6.5" figures tend to have fabric clothing rather than the dreaded plastic and some nice realistic head sculpts. For more on what the bodies look like, check out The Fwoosh blog. First up, there are the Star Trek offerings of SuluKirk (plus Trouble with Tribbles variant), and everybody's favourite Vulcan - the latter also comes in his outfit from The Cage as a special edition, and as his evil self from the Mirror universe. MWCToys also has a review of a Toy Fair preview exclusive figure - click HERE.

Mezco SuluMezco 12th scale Kirk
Mezco Spock FigureSpock Mezco The Cage Figure

Then there's Space Ghost and Judge Dredd - their faces are stylized and masked - and film properties A Clockwork Orange and Halloween. They also have plans for Popeye and figures from the Evil Dead franchise: Plaid Shirt Zombie, Fly Boy Zombie, and Ash.

Mezco A Clockwork Orange FigureMezco Halloween Doll

Next up is the obligatory Marvel Universe figures - some of them aren't human / have [half] masked faces like Red Skull, Ragnarok Hulk, Deadpool / X-Men Deadpool, Daredevil (and a Shadowland special edition for NYCC 2016) and Iron Man. Others are of more interest - Wolverine (the initial release only had masked heads but the 2017 Fall Exclusive has an unmasked head) and Old Man Logan, Black Panther, Dr Strange (there's also a Marvel Defenders version on its way), Thor, Captain America (there's also a deluxe version with a different uniform - see HERE), and Punisher (Collective and Classic). Then there are a whole bunch of Spidermen: Homecoming, Collective, Miles Morales, and the recently announced Homecoming home made suit Spidey which promises a new body sculpt and an unmasked head sculpt...

Mezco Fall Exclusive WolverineMezco Old Man Logan
Mezco Black PantherMezco 12th Scale Dr StrangeMezco Thormezco Captain America
Mezco Classic PunisherMezco Spiderman

The equally obligatory DC Universe range also has some interesting figures: Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad Harley Quinn, Joker (basic and deluxe), Aquaman, Deathstroke, Black Adam and Shazam. Other DC figures include Mutant Leader, Darkseid, Flash, Reverse Flash, Green Arrow, Arsenal, and, of course, endless iterations of Batman: Tactical Suit, Knightmare (includes unmasked Bruce Wayne head), Ascending Knight (includes Bruce Wayne head, and also available in black variant pictured below). For those who prefer the light to the dark there's a new Superman, classic Superman, and Red Son Superman.

Mezco 12th scale Wonder WomanMezco 12th scale Harley Quinn
Mezco 12th scale JokerMezco 12th scale Aquaman
Mezco 12th scale DeathstrokeMezco 12th scale Shazam
Mezco 12th scale Ascending Knight BatmanMezco Superman
Mezco 12th scale classic SupermanMezco 12th scale Red Son Superman

Even with all this realism and doll house potential, my absolute favourite Mezco offering is the Universal Monsters line. Just check out this amazing 1/12 scale Frankenstein's Monster! (He also comes in a more green version for those newfangled techincolor fans.)

Mezco 12th scale Frankenstein

For more like this, please click the image below:
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