Thursday, 5 October 2017

Soap Studio

Soap Studio Arrow

This Hong Kong company have released two 1/12 scale figures so far, Flash and Green Arrow, retailing at HK$588 (c. £50) each. It's still early days for these and there aren't any in hand reviews floating about to answer all the important questions - like, how they scale up compared to similar figures, can you swap heads with other brands, what the bodies are like beneath the clothing, and even if the clothing is designed to be removed...

Fingers crossed because they had the body sculpt on display at the Asia Toy Fair - it seems a shame if they plan to keep it hidden!

Soap Studio via

In the pipeline they have Christian Bale's Batman, plus Bruce Wayne in training gear and in a rather dapper suit. Then there's Bane, Joker in a nurse's outfitRa's Al GhulTwo-FaceReverse Flash, and Supergirl.

Soap Studio via

They've also made a 1/12 scale remote control Batmobile based on the vehicle used in The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Find out more at or follow them on Facebook.

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