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Multifandom Events and Exchanges 2018

Multifandom Events and Exchanges

(A/N: This is an updated version of the original post I made for 2017.)

Mostly for my own reference, here is the big ass list of multifandom events and exchanges likely to run in 2018. Most are based on Dreamwidth or Livejournal, the former fandom bases of choice, though some have an increasingly large presence on Tumblr. These are listed in roughly chronological order, in terms of posting dates, and I've tried to split the months up with sections on other fandom things to check out like Big Bangs and Bingo communities.

When it comes to the exchanges, etiquette is pretty standard across all of these. If you don't want to sign up yourself, most welcome additional treats - you can go through the requests and the 'Dear Author' letters (if the exchange has them), find something you feel like writing, and just gift it to the relevant recipient. Low pressure and you know that you're making somebody's day. :)

ETA: My interest in fic exchanges has dropped off a cliff this year. I doubt I'll bother updating this list as I'm not keeping up with FFA or taking part in any to know dates, etcc.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge
What: 'The Snowflake Challenge is about reminding ourselves why we choose to be part of fannish communities, and embracing what being part of that community means to us, and celebrating who we are. It’s about celebrating our specialness and our talents and what it is that makes each one of us amazing. ... Every day for the first 15 days of January, we're going to post a fannish challenge. It could be something as simple as reccing fanworks to talking about what you love about fandom.'
When: January 1st - 15th, though you can come back and complete at any time.
Where: (d) snowflake_challenge.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge

Chocolate Box
What: 'Chocolate Box is an annual gift exchange for all fandoms, focusing on ships and gen combos. Participants must create either a story of at least 300 words, or a nice sketch that is not on lined paper. In return, they will receive a story of at least 300 words, or a nice sketch not on lined paper.'
When: Sign-ups in January, posting in February.
Where: (d) chocolateboxcomm.

Half a Moon
What: 'Half a Moon is a fourteen day challenge celebrating female characters in fandom. Fanfiction, vids, recs, art, picspam, icons, meta, fanmixes, and outside links to content fitting the theme of this community are all welcome--the only rule is that the primary focus must be on a female character or characters.'
When: February 1st - 14th.
Where: (l) halfamoon.

International Fanworks Day (IFD)
What: Established in 2015, this is the day to celebrate your fannish endeavours!
When: February 15th
Where: The OTW usually leads the call - read more HERE.

Older Not Dead
What: Fanwork challenge for pairings where characters are over 40. This year's prompt theme is the five senses.
When: Prompting until January 28th, then posting all through February.
Where: (l) older_not_dead.

Femslash February
What: Create fanworks celebrating femslash - read more at Fanlore.
When: February.
Where: Tumblr. Use the hashtag #femslash february.


You get a Bingo card of prompts which you use to create fanworks and work towards a full house. Find links to defunct comms at Fanlore, or check out some still active Bingo communities:

 - All Bingo.
 - Crossover Bingo.
 - Gen Prompt Bingo.
 - Hurt / Comfort Bingo.
 - Kinky Bingo.
 - Ladies Bingo.
 - Podfic Bingo.
 - Tic Tac Woe - Apocalypse Bingo.
 - Trope Bingo.

Age Gap Exchange
What: Multifandom exchange for relationships with age gaps. (1,000 words)
When: Sign-ups in January, posting in March.
Where: (d) agegapexchange.

What: Het pairing exchange. 'Minimum word count is 500. No maximum. Requests and offers will contain a minimum of 3 fandoms and a maximum of 6, with 1 to 3 relationships in each fandom.'
When: Sign-ups in January, posting in late Feb/early March.
Where: (d) hetswap.

Purim Gifts
What: 'The Purim Treat-a-Thon is an anonymous multifandom fic and graphics gift exchange that takes place over three days of Purim, focusing on characters who are women and / or Jewish (or persecuted by evil viziers!)'
When: Sign-ups in January, posting in March.
Where: (d) purimgifts, (l) purimgifts, and (t) purimgifts.

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words
What: Write a fic of at least 1,000 words based on a picture prompt.
When: Sign-ups in January, posting in March.
Where: (l) picfor1000.

Big Bang

Write a longer story - typically at least 20,000 words - for the fandom of your choice. For more info check out the Big Bang Index community on Dreamwidth, or these active bangs:

 - Bandom Big Bang.
 - Extreme Big Bang.
 - Harlequin (romance) Big Bang. (5,000 words minimum.)
 - Heroine Big Bang.
 - Het Big Bang. (10,000 + little bang, 25,000 + big bang.)
 - Iddy Iddy Bang Bang. (5,000 words minimum.)
 - Podfic Big Bang. (10,000 words minimum.)
 - Small Fandom Bang. (10,000 words minimum.)
 - WIP (Work in Progress) Big Bang.

World Building Exchange
What: Exchange for 'exploration of how a fictional world works beyond the information presented in canon'.
When: Nominations and signups in January, posting and reveals in April.
Where: (d) worldbuildingex and (t) worldbuildingexchange.

Smut Swap
What: Exchange for explicit fanworks - minimum word count 1,000 or clean line drawing. Full FAQ HERE.
When: Sign-ups in February, posting in April.
Where: (d) smutswap.

Smut Swap

Spring Fest
What: Multifandom prompt fest.
When: Prompting in March, claiming and posting in April.
Where: (d) springfest.

Art Fever
What: Multifandom fanart exchange.
When: Nominations and sign-ups in February, posting and reveals in April.
Where: (d) artfeverfest, (l) artfeverfest, (t) artfeverfest.

Art Fever


A big part of fannish culture on Livejournal and Dreamwidth revolved around the icons you used. They were featured next to every post and comment you made, and your primary icon often became indelibly associated with your fannish identity. As fandom migrated they became less important, but there are still a few active communities dedicated to them, like:

 - Fandom Icons.
 - Icons.

Fandom 5k
What: This is a multi-fandom gift exchange for fic with a 5,000-word minimum.
When: Sign-ups in February, posting in late April/early May.
Where: (d) fandom5k.

Obscure and British Comment Fest
What: what it says on the tin!
When: May.
Where: HERE, over at lost_spook's journal.

Once Upon a Fic Exchange
What: A fairy-tale centric story exchange focused on fairy-tales, tall tales and myths. (1,000 word minimum.)
When: Nominations and signups in February, posting and reveals in May.
Where: (d) once_upon_fic.

Once Upon a Fic Exchange

Soul Exchange
What: Multifandom fic and art exchange for works relating to soulmates and soulbonds.
When: Sign-ups in April, posting in May.
Where: (d) soulexchange.

Space Swap
What: Multimedia exchange for space fandoms of all sorts, including television series, movies, and books. The only criterion for a fandom to be eligible is that it somehow be related to SPACE. (1,000 word minimum.)
When: Sign-ups in February, posting in April.
Where: (d) space_swap and (l) space_swap.

Space Swap

Small Fandom Fest
What: 'Welcome to Small Fandoms Fest, a multi-fandom Fest community where even the smallest fandom is welcome. Actually, the smaller, the better. Minimum length/size requirements - fanfic: 1000 words, icons: 8-10, other fanart: 1 large or 2-3 smaller pieces.'
When: Fests run twice a year, May-July and November-January.
Where: (l) smallfandomfest and (d) smallfandomfest.
Subsidary comms include (l) smallfandom_nb for announcements, and (l) smallfandomflsh for regular flash fiction challenges.

Fanfic 100

Once all the rage, these huge prompt table communities are now mostly long dead. I was so proud to complete my own fanfic100 table back in 2010! They also come in mini versions if 100 sounds too daunting. Those with recent activity include:

 - 100_women.
 - fanfic100.

Jukebox Exchange
What: 'A challenge festival for fanfic writers. It is based on a theme of songs and music videos, and it uses a gift exchange structure, like Yuletide and many others. When you sign up, you will prompt several possible stories using songs for inspiration, and you will commit to writing a story for a recipient who will be assigned to you.'
When: Sign-ups in late March, posting in June.
Where: (d) jukebox_fest and (l) jukebox_fest.

Jukebox Exchange

Fandom Giftbox
What: Summer fanworks gifting fest based on fandom_stocking - sign up with your preferences and get a giftbox full of little treats and well wishes.
When: June.
Where: (d) fandomgiftbox.

Unconventional Courtship
What: 'Unconventional Courtship' is a panfandom fic fest where you write and post a 1000w+ fic based on a M&B/Harlequin plot.
When: Posting in June.
Where: (d) unconventionalcourtship.

All In The Family
What: Multifandom fic, art and vid exchange focused on the relationships between family members.
When: Nominations and sign-ups in March, posting and reveals in June.
Where: (d) familyex.

Night on Fic Mountain
What: Night On Fic Mountain is an annual fic and art exchange for small, rare, and inactive fandoms. Participants sign up to write a story of at least 1,000 words or create art in a fandom someone else has requested. In return, they receive a story of at least 1,000 words or art in a fandom they have requested.
When: Nominations in late March, signups in early April, posting and reveals in June.
Where: (d) nightonficmountain.

Every Woman Exchange
What: Exchange for female characters. (500 words minimum.)
When: Nominations and signups in May, posting in June.
Where: (d) everywoman.

Fandom Secrets and Discussion

Sometimes you just want to anonymously share your twisted confessions, or just your innate pettiness. Why not type it over a picture and submit it to (d) fandomsecrets? This used to be a really busy fandom centre but these days there are only seven or so secrets a day.

These days the main multifandom discussion hub is FFA - fail_fandomanon. It's hosted on Dreamwidth but as all comments are anonymous, you don't need an account to take part.

Not Ready for Prime Time
What: Annual exchange for medium sized fandoms. (1,000 words minimum.)
When: Nominations and signups in April, posting and reveals in July.
Where: (d) not_primetime, (d) npt_admin, and (t) notprimetime.

Not Prime Time

Multifandom Drabble Exchange
What: Exchange for stories of exactly 100 words.
When: June.
Where: (d) multifandomdrabble.

What: A fic (1,000 words minimum) and art exchange for erotic noncon.
When: Nominations and signups in May, posting and reveals in July.
Where: (d) nonconathon.

Remix Revival
What: 'Ever read a story and think, wow, what a fascinating story, but if I had written it, I would have... Well, now here's your chance to do just that. Rewrite someone else's story. Take the work of another person and wrap it up in your vision and style, just like a remixer does to songs.'
When: Sign-ups in July, posting in September.
Where: (l) remixrevival, and (t) remixrevival.

Rare Male Slash Exchange
What: Art and fic (1000 word minimum) for rare male slash pairings.
When: Sign-ups in May, posting and reveals in August.
Where: (d) raremaleslashex.

Rare Pair Exchange
What: 'This fest is to celebrate rare relationships (romantic and/or sexual) in ALL fandoms. Canon or non-canon relationships are welcome. They may be slash, het, femslash, or any combination of the aforementioned. For the purpose of this fest, a rare pair will be defined as a relationship that has less than 250 COMPLETED works of 1000 words or greater in a single archive.'
When: Nominations and signups are in June, posting in August.
Where: (l) rarepairfest, (l) rarepairsupport.

Treat Yo Self
What: An exchange where you are your own recipient! You get matched to a cheerleader who encourages you to finish your story.
When: Sign-ups in May/June, posting in July.
Where: (d) treatyoselfcomm.

Kink Memes

Kink Memes are places where story ideas are prompted, picked up, and stories posted - all typically anonymously. The idea started out for 'kink' and smut, but these days the prompts will tend to cover all kinds of genres. For more about kink memes and their history, check out the Fanlore page.

Most kink memes are fandom specific. Fanlore maintains a list of kink memes, and there is also the memekink journal on Dreamwidth which serves as a directory for all kink memes based on the site. Other relevant communities include:

 - For The Love of Kink.
 - Kink Memes.
 - Kink Meme Promo.
 - Small Fandom Kink Meme.

Bring Back The Porn
What: Explicit fanworks to stick two fingers up to internet censorship.
When: September 1st.
Where: bbtp_challenge on InsaneJournal.

You Can Do That In Fanfiction
What: Exchange for fic based on children and YA television shows. (1,000 word minimum.)
When: Nominations and signups in June, posting and reveals in September.
Where: (d) youcandothatinfanfiction.

What: An exchange for gen fiction - i.e. romantic and/or sexual relationships should not be the main focus of the work. (1,000 word minimum.)
When: Nominations and signups in July, posting and reveals in September.
Where: (d) genex and (t) gen-ex.

Press Start
What: Annual multimedia exchange for computer and video game fandoms. (1,000 word minimum.)
When: Sign-ups in July, posting in September.
Where: (d) press_start_comm.

Captive Audience
What: Multifandom kink fic exchange focused around Stockholm and Lima Syndrome. (1,000 word minimum.)
When: Sign-ups in July, posting in September.
Where: (d) captiveaudience.

Captive Audience

AU Exchange
What: 'It's an exchange focused on doing alternate universes, canon divergences, and what ifs of existing canons.' (1,000 word minimum.)
When: Nominations and signups in July, posting in September.
Where: (d) auexchange.

Flash Fiction

If you don't have time for a full blown epic, flash fiction is the way to go. In fandom circles the usual terminology is drabble (100 words), double drabble (200 words), and ficlet (anything under 1,000 words or so). Here are a few prompting and / or challenge communities to help inspire you:

 - Comment Fic.
 - Fan Flashworks. (For related discussion check out (d) ffw_social.)
 - Fandom Weekly.
 - Femslash Ficlets.
 - FFFC - Froday Flash Fiction Challenge.
 - Fic Promptly.
 - Picture_Prompt_Fun.
 - Six Word Stories.
 - Small Fandom Flash.

What: 'Crossovering is a multi-fandom crossover exchange. It’s your opportunity to request crossovers between your favorite fandoms and to write them too!' (1,000 word minimum.)
When: Nominations and signups in July, posting and reveals in October.
Where: (d) crossovering.

Fandom Growth
What: Multi-fandom exchange for fandoms, relationships and characters that have ten or fewer completed fics on AO3. (2,000 word minimum.)
When: Sign-ups in August, posting in October.
Where: (d) fandomgrowthexchange and (t) fandomgrowthexchange.

What: Fannish exchange for incest pairings. (500 word minimum.)
When: Nominations and sign-ups in August, posting and reveals in October.
Where: (d) relationshipping.

Femslash Exchange
What: 'For the purpose of this fest, femslash is defined as fic or art containing a relationship between two or more characters who identify in canon as either female or genderqueer.' (1,000 word minimum.)
When: Nominations and signups in August, posting and reveals in late October / early November.
Where: (d) femslashex and (t) femslashex.

The Darkest Night
What: Fannish exchange celebrating dark themes. (500 word minimum.)
When: Sign-ups in August, posting in October.
Where: (d) darkestnightex.

Darkest Night Exchange

Trick or Treat
What: A low stress exchange based on Halloween and Trick or Treating.
When: Signups in September, posting in October.
Where: (d) trickortreatex and (l) trickortreatex.

Regular Challenges

Monthly or quarterly multifandom challenges...

 - 1 Million Words.
 - Monthly Super Go!
 - One Dead Plot Bunny.
 - Rounds of Kink.
 - Season of Kink.
 - Twelve Months of Writing.

Holly Poly
What: Exchange for polyamorous relationships.
When: Sign ups in late October/early November; Posting in January.
Where: (d) holly_poly.

Fandom Stocking
What: 'Inspired by, and expanding on, the yuletide tradition of treats, participants can submit wishlists with their preferences, etc, and, in the early days of December, individual posts will be made with each wishlist. To those, people can leave screened comments with fic or icons or even just personal messages. Whatever works. (You aren't obligated to do so if you submit a wishlist, but it is nice to return the favor!)'
When: Sign-ups in early December, filling until reveals which usually take place c. mid-January.
Where: (d) fandom_stocking.

Bandom Holidays
What: Multi-format fanwork bandom holiday exchange.
When: Signups in October, posting in December.
Where: (d) bandom_holidays.

Make the Yuletide Gay
What: Exchange for popslash.
When: Signups in October, posting in December.
Where: (d) mtyg_discuss, (l) mtyg_discuss, and the official website.

What: The biggest multifandom exchange of the year! 'Yuletide is an annual fic exchange for rare and obscure fandoms. Participants sign up to write a story of at least 1,000 words in a fandom someone else has requested, using the selected characters from that fandom. In return, they receive a story of at least 1,000 words in a fandom they have requested, featuring requested characters.'
When: The provisional schedule for 2017 is as follows; nominations - Sept 14-23, sign-ups - Oct 10-18, Assignments - Oct 19-21, default deadline - Dec 11, assignment deadline - Dec 18.
Where: (l) yuletide and (d) yuletide. Subsidary comms include (l) yuletide_admin, (l) yuletide_recs, (t) unofficialyuletide, and (d) yuletide_coal.

Poetry Fiction
What: 'Each year, there will be a featured poet, and on January 1st, participants will be given a stanza or poetry fragment from the work of the featured poet as a prompt. Participants will have 31 days to write at least 1,000 words.'
When: Sign-ups in December, writing in January, posting at the beginning of February.
Where: (d) poetry_fiction.

For news about fandom specific events and exchanges, check out (d) fandomcalendar.

If you know of any multifandom things which should be on this list, please let me know and I'll add it in! :)

For more like this, please click the image below:
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