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1/6 Scale USA Cops - LAPD

LAPD Uniforms on ADAM-12
LAPD patrol officers in Adam-12, c. 1970.

The LAPD is the third largest police department in the States, and is also one of the most familiar in the world thanks to its ubiquitous appearance in TV, film, and crime (non)fiction. The great thing about LAPD uniforms from a modelling point of view is that they haven't really changed since the 1940s. You might need a few extra bits and pieces on the duty belt but, essentially, pick up any figure and you're good to go for whatever character you're looking to create.

Ben McKenzie in Southland Southland LAPD Uniforms
LAPD patrol officers in Southland, 2010.

This post looks at the figures, uniforms and accessories available in 1/6 scale. The focus is chiefly LAPD patrol officers, but there is also info on SWAT, LASD and California Highway Patrol merch. I'll be talking about all the generic US police stuff in a post on NYPD miniatures.

ZC World LAPD Tiger and Jack

ZC World LAPD 'Tiger' and 'Jack' (2012)

LAPD patrol officers, sold seperately.

Angie Dickinson Police Woman Doll

Police Woman was a NBC police procedural which ran for four seasons between 1974 and 1978, starring Angie Dickinson as an undercover officer working with the LAPD's Criminal Conspiracy Unit. Horsman produced a 9" tie-in figure in 1976 along with five outfit sets to collect - read more at PlaidStallions.

Redman Toys Lethal Weapon

The Lethal Weapon films star Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as LAPD Detectives Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh respectively. Redman Toys did two outfit sets in 2016, Lethal Weapon A and B, which come with little police badges and obligatory cigarette. In 2015 Crozz Design released two 'Midnight Cops' figures - Martin and Roger. In 2018 Wild Work also released a Sergeant Martin figure of their own.

Other figures based on LAPD detectives include:
 - CRAFTONE #008 Bank Robbers Series: Detective (2015). aka Al Pacino in Heat.
 - CRAFTONE Crimes Senior Detective. aka Morgan Freeman in Se7en.
 - CRAFTONE Crimes Detective. aka Brad Pitt in Se7en.
 - Toy Syndicate Android Hunter. aka Harrison Ford in Blade Runner.
 - Brother Production Blade Hunter (2009). aka Harrison Ford in Blade Runner.
 - Redman Toys Blade Rick (2017). aka Harrison Ford in Blade Runner.

BBI LAPD Officer WestBBI LAPD Officer Sommers

BBI Elite Force LAPD Officers West and Sommers (2001)

These were actually licensed by the LAPD and sold between $24.99 and $39.95 on release. Good luck finding them for that now... While the figures aren't particularly great - those arms! - the accessories more than make up for it. They sold the male uniform and accessories separately as LAPD Gear too.

(BBI also did an Elite Force LAPD SWAT Urban Assault Team 'Sergeant Mendez' figure - pic HERE - along with a figure of Colin Farrell as Officer Jim Street.)

DiD LAPD Patrol Austin

Dragon in Dream LAPD Patrol 'Austin' (2018)

Nice quality figure in LAPD patrol uniform - I especially like that you can remove the tie and have the so-called 'Triangle of Death' showing. Attention to detail and all that!

Hot Toys Terminator T-1000 LAPD PatrolHot Toys Terminator T-1000

Hot Toys Terminator 2: Judgement Day T-1000 Figure (2010)

The great thing about Hot Toys figures is that they always come with loads of extras. This one came with the basic patrol uniform, magnetic bullet wounds, split head, and - coolest of all in my humble opinion - a Motor Unit uniform. Read a full review of the figure over at mwctoys.

Toys City LA Cops Set

Toys City LA Cop's Uniform Set TC - 68011 (2016)

Uniform set for 1/6 scale figures - see the individual pieces HERE.

DiD LAPD SWAT Assaulter Driver

Dragon in Dream LAPD SWAT Assaulter - 'Driver'

DiD have done a whole bunch of LAPD SWAT figures:
 - LAPD SWAT 90s - i.e. Keanu Reeves in Speed.
 - LAPD SWAT Point-Man 'Denver'. (Review over at Toy Haven.)
 - LAPD SWAT 3 'Takeshi Yamada' (2018).

BBI Elite Force LASD Officer Burns

LASD - Los Angeles Sheriff Department

To be honest, I'm still not entirely clear on the difference between PDs and SDs. What I do know is that they have different uniforms and, really, that's all that matters when it comes to collecting miniatures. BBI did a LASD Los Angeles County Sheriff Officer Burns figure (pictured); Toy Haven has a good review of the figure and accessories. BBI also did an Elite Force SWAT Team Sheriff Charles 'Chuck' Morris figure, again check out Toy Haven for a full review.

Combat Joe California Highway Patrol

CHP - California Highway Patrol

Made famous by the TV show CHiPs, there is a fair bit of merchandise associated with the California Highway Patrol, although little of it is 1/6 scale. Exceptions include the playline America's Finest double set CHP Officer and EMT (2002), and the Son Ai Toys Motorcycle Police Jumbo Cycle (c. 1984). In 1984 Takara released a CHP uniform for Combat Joe - see HERE - and there are two GI Joe convention exclusives from 2000 depicting CHP officers from 1940 and 1970.

Tamiya do a beautiful 1/6 scale police bike which may also be relevant to your interests...

Tamiya Harley-Davidson Police Bike

For more like this, please click the image below:
Policing in Miniature


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