Saturday, 13 January 2018

2018 Reading Challenge

Babi a Fi Reading Challenge

My goal this year is to read 104 books - or 2 books a week. I'm going to include kids' books which should make it a little easier!

 Edwin, Adelaide and George: The Bizarre Bartlet Poisoning (Jeannette Hensby)
 In the Interests of Science: Adelaide Bartlet and the Pimlico Poisoning (Kate Clarke)
 Jack the Poet: Was Francis Thompson the Ripper? (Simon Webb)
The New Teacher (Dominique Demers)
☆ Tragic Hollywood: Beautiful, Glamorous and Dead (Jackie Ganiy)
 Tragic Holly wood: Beautiful, Glamorous and Still Dead (Jackie Ganiy)
 Wolves at the Door: Trials of Fatty Arbuckle (David Kizer)


For more like this, please click the below image:
What I Read This Month

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