Thursday, 4 January 2018

The Man Down My Local: Best of 2017

The Man Down My Local - Best Posts of 2017

While I managed to write about one blog post a month last year, Anthony was busy building his own blog, The Man Down My Local. He writes about a mish-mash of all his interests, namely comics, suits and alcohol!

Here are my favourite of his posts from 2017:

☆ Toddler's Fashion (Dad's Can Do It Too).

Lot's of cute pictures of Marianna!

Toddler Fashion with The Man Down My Local

☆ A Gentlemen's Guide To Handbags.

What it says on the tin, this post provides a cheat sheet for those who have never previously had reason to know or care about the different types of handbags. Though one can't help but wonder why, if Anthony knows so much about them, he has yet to buy me one...

☆ Film Plots As Understood By My Two Year Old.

What it says on the tin. For example, Marianna describing Sister Act:

The film where Jesus' girlfriends sing all the songs.

☆ I Don't Know A Lot About Art - But I Know How To Bluff!

Learn how to bluff your way into art buffery!


 Crimes Against Fashion.

All of Anthony's most hated things, gathered into a single blog post. Baseball caps, crocs, knitted ties - it's all there! For more in the same vein, check out Acceptable Jewellery for Men. Another menswear post I enjoyed was What The Hell Is A Cummerbund Actually For? I learned something new!

☆ The Great Emu War.

This was Anthony's most popular post last year, stats wise, and I think it well deserved it. It's a collection of fictional diary entries chronicling the real life Great Emu War of 1932.

The Great Emu War

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