Thursday, 18 January 2018

Mini Mart: Tinytown Miniatures

Tinytown Miniatures on Etsy

Supplier: Tinytown Miniatures
Website: Etsy Store.

Products: Beautiful 1/12 scale handmade miniatures. I picked up a tiny (2cm by 1.7cm) wicker heart for £3.50, a kite, a striped windbreak for the beach, and a set of six little pinwheels for £3.75. Everything is really well made and true to scale!

Tinytown Miniatures Wicker Heart

Post and Packing: £1 within the UK, plus 50p for each added item. My order was shipped first class in a bubble wrap envelope, with the items themselves in clear bags wrapped in tissue paper inside a plastic box. It's one of the most nicely packaged miniature orders I've ever received and really added a special something to it! (That and the free little gift of two extra pinwheels.)

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