Friday, 9 February 2018

Childhood Doll House

Childhood Doll House

My granddad built this doll house for me in c. 1997 and I loved it dearly. It was home to trolls, costume dolls, plastic animals, and all manner of mismatched furniture. The lights worked in all the rooms, and I spent many happy hours playing with it. The only problem was that it was huge and, eventually (maybe 2010?), I parted with it to a family who were looking for a doll house for their own little girl.

After this house, my granddad took up doll house building as a hobby. He made them for my cousins and family friends, and then sold a few in the free ads. Here he is in 2003 with a newly completed house:

John Reeves and Doll House
Handmade Doll House 2003 Doll House

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My Doll Houses

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