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Figma are awesome 1/12 scale action figures produced by the Good Smile Company. They mostly produce anime and video game figures, but the range is huge and there really is something for everyone. This blog post is an aid for my own memory more than anything, because I am a snob when it comes to molded plastic clothing; I need to remember which figures don't have any / get a pass anyway. The links out go to their website which has a fully maintained archive of past products - if only the same could be said of all toy companies...


How awesome are these articulated bodies? You can pick them up on ebay for under £5 each at the moment! The bodies also come in grey, orange, black, and transparent versions. True Criminal has a stylized black body with less muscle bulk which could be useful. Crystal Bowie from COBRA has a gold head and a transparent body with gold inner.

The greatest thing about Figma is their willingness to try something a little different. I have a mighty need for each and every figure from The Table Museum series: Davide di Michelangelo, The Thinker (bronze and plaster), Venus de Milo, Cherub (single and double pack), and Vitruvian Man. They also do a cool figma of Much's The Scream. I especially want to get some cherubs to see how they look as 1/6 scale kiddies - a little bit of body blushing and some paints and they shouldn't look quite as death like!

Figma articulated art figures

That's it as far as naked figures go, but there are a few which come in bikinis or underwear, like Lum (2009, has tiger print bikini), Bride (2018 has white lingerie and stockings), Slan (2017 with black goth corset), Super Sonico (pale and tanned versions - pictured below), and Altria Pendragon (white bikini with blue ribbons and halterneck).

Figma BrideFigma Sonico Tanned

For the guys, Billy Herrington is a popular gay porn star in Japan who had a whole range of figmas made in his likeness in 2009. The basic version sported just a pair of y-fronts. Then there was a Halloween version with Pumpkin hat and bloomers, a Christmas version in a little handyman outfit, and a Birthday version in leather pants and S&M style harness. Meanwhile, Hentai Kamen is a superhero with a difference... You could swap out the torso with that of Japanese comedian Egashira if muscle bods aren't your thing.

Billy Herrington FigmaHentai Kamen Figma

Talking of superheroes, sometimes you can get away with molded clothing and unrealistic faces - by not having faces and / or wearing metal! Recent options fitting the bill include Ludens, Overwatch character Genji, Hunter from Bloodborne, Portal 2 robots Atlas and P-Body, Samus Aran: Prime 3 and Giant Warrior. Then there's Deadpool (and a special edition in his top and boxers), Hulk, Ironman Mk 42Mk 43, Mk VII, and MK XXI, Captain AmericaVoid, Headless Rider, MSG2 Soldier, Silent Hill Bubble Head Nurse, Terraformar, RobocopSpiderman, and the Kamen Rider Dragon Knights (Siren, Thrust, Incisor, Torque, Sting, Strike).

Another option might be using the head off one of the realistic celebrity likeness figures. In addition to the already mentioned Billy Herrington, there's Michael Jackson (includes zombie Thriller face!), Bruce Lee, Gerard Butler as Leonidas, Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Yuichi Sawajima from Time Scoop Hunter, Kamui Kobayashi, and Takayuki Yamada as Yoshihiko (also available with stubble).

Yoshihiko FigmaYoshihiko Figma

Goro Inogashira is a character from Japanese drama Kodoku no Gourmet. The pic on the left is from the standard release, while the pic on the right is his 'hungry' face from the shirtsleeves special edition. (He's also available as the manga character in basic and special edition.)

Goro Inogashira FigmaGoro Inogashira Special Edition Figma

Other figures with more realistic looking faces include MSG2 Solid Snake, Guts, Gravity Raven, Lina, Goro Majima, Windranger, Kogure Kenzo, Kazuma Kiryu, Motoko Kusanagi, Cobra, Rintarou Okabe,

MSG2 Solid Snake FigmaGoro Majima Figma

For more like this, please click the image below:
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