Monday, 5 February 2018

Mini Mart: Collectable Kitbash

Collectable Kitbash UK One Sixth Supplier

Supplier: Collectable Kitbash
Website:  You can also find them on Facebook.

Products: Collectable Kitbash are one of the major suppliers of the sixth scale hobby in the UK. Based in Cornwall, they sell 1/6 action figures, weapons, and - best of all - lots of loose accessories from various figures on release. This isn't the first time I've bought from them, just the first time I've posted about it!

Obviously most of the kit available is army type stuff because, well, that's the kind of thing the target audience of the 1/6 action figure market is into. You can sometimes get things from movie and TV figures though, and even the soldiers can have some really cool accessories. This time around I picked up tiny batteries, safety pins, and various books, comics, and embroidered patches.

Collectable Kitbash Sixth Scale Accessories
1/6 scale battery - originally came with the Soldier Story: French Special Forces figure.

Post and Packing: Everything is sent recorded delivery but it's still really reasonable - my order of various little bits and bobs came in plastic baggies within a padded envelope and cost me £2.10 for shipping.

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