Thursday, 1 February 2018

Mini Mart: PEPIN Pattern Books

The Pepin Press gift and creative papers books

Supplier: The Pepin Press

Products: The Pepin Press produce a range of products - colouring books, letter writing sets, gift cards - but the one that most interests me is their range of gift and creative papers books. Each book contains 12 large sheets of high quality wrapping paper, which you tear out along a perforated edge. They can be used for scrapbooking and other paper craft and, of course, for wallpapering a doll house!

The patterns are a great size for 1/6 scale. The top image in this post is the kitchen of my 1/6 scale doll house, papered in a page from book #54, 1970s patterns. Here's another page, this time in a 1/6 scale bedroom:

PEPIN 1970s pattern book

I used another page in a 1/12  scale doll house - in this scale the print is beautifully big and bold:

Pepin 1970s Patterns

No matter which era you're looking to recreate, PEPIN will probably have something for you. The range includes Medieval, Renaissance, William Morris, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Arabesques, Op Art, and lots of country specific sets of patterns, as well as papers focusing on a specific topic like cars or angels. Some are also available as sets of paper placemats.

Moving away from miniatures and back to general reference, PEPIN also does a great range of pattern and fashion source books

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