Saturday, 17 March 2018

Cyberman's House

Cyberman's Doll House

In the spare room / home office I have two big Sindy houses set up which are just beacons of temptation for Marianna. The one was completely ransacked by her which meant hours (and hours and hours...) of work to display all those tiny little miniatures again.

So, in the hope of keeping her away from my expensive stuff, I started fixing up a kid's wooden doll house my mother-in-law got me from an auction she went to. I glued the lollipop sticks to the front of it last year as an experiment but hadn't touched it since.

Doll House

I dug out some scrapbooking paper and glued it to the walls - nothing fancy! - and I had some freebie adhesive doll house carpet which I used in the one room. Then I filled it up with lots of spare miniatures I'd acquired over the years. There's a mix of cheap 1/12 scale stuff, plastic Pippa furniture, and various other bits and pieces I had lying around.

Then, of course, the house needed somebody to live in it. Marianna has lots of little Shelly type dolls, and I gave her a Sarah Louise doll for it. But Sarah Lou ended up with all the other dolls in her bedroom and, somehow, the house became Cyberman's - although all his doll and figure friends come to visit him. The Cyberman used to be Anthony's when he was a kid. We sold the bulk of the figures a while ago, but this one stayed with us because he's got a loose arm.

Here's a Mezo One:12 Collective Joker and, so I'm reliably informed, Anna, to give us a guided tour...

Joker and Anna outside the doll house
Attic with sinkAttic with coffin
Inside of Doll House

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