Monday, 12 March 2018

Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth

Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth Logo

Today the Commonwealth flag is being flown in significant and eye catching spots all across its 53 sovereign states to celebrate Commonwealth Day. They are bound together by ties of history and language, as well as united by the values of the Commonwealth Charter.

Did you know that the Commonwealth encompasses more than 2 billion people? And that in terms of landmass it represents 12,200,000 square miles, or 21% of the total world land area? You can find out more trivia and what the event was all about at

We flew the flag at the civic centre in Pontypool. I must admit that my own knowledge of the Commonwealth was at best patchy, so it inspired me to read up a little about it and the work it still enables. E.g. Check out some of the inspiring projects going on under the banner of the Commonwealth of Learning.

Here is me and Richard Clark, the deputy leader of TCBC, with the flag (just waiting for the rain to start...):

Fly the Flag for the Commonwealth in Torfaen

“Joining together as members of one worldwide Commonwealth community, and valuing the personal dignity and worth of every citizen, we raise this flag as a symbol of the ties of kinship and affinity that we cherish.

We draw inspiration from our diversity, and the opportunities for working together, as a rich source of wisdom and a powerful influence for good in the world. 

We affirm our commitment to upholding the values set out in the Commonwealth Charter, to serving one another in a spirit of respect and understanding, and to advancing development, democracy and cooperation locally, nationally, and internationally.”

For more like this, please click the image below:
Out and About in Torfaen

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