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Hasegawa Miniatures

Hasegawa 12th Scale Miniatures

Japan based Hasegawa Corporation have been producing plastic model kits since 1961. They're best known for their vehicles - cars, motorbikes, aircraft, etc - but they also make 1/12 scale furniture and machinery. The finished products look great and assembly isn't difficult, just a touch finicky, although the instructions are only pictorial with Japanese detail. The toughest one I've put together was the 1/12 scale crane machine which threatened to beat me a number of times...

You can pick up each set for between around £10 and £15 on Ebay, usually with free shipping. My latest purchase was the Science Room Desk & Chairs set which consists of a nice laboratory desk with sink - obviously from a far fancier school than any I've ever been to! - and four 'wooden' stools. I saw somebody using it as a mortuary table in a scene and it looked so cool I was inspired to get one myself.

This is how it's supposed to look, and how it arrived:

Hasegawa Science Room Desk and Chairs Hasegawa Science Room Desk and Chairs Kit

This is the finished product with a Mezco One:12 Collective Joker for scale. It still needs a little paint on the taps and some filing on a few rough edges but, overall, not bad!

Hasegawa Science Room Desk and Chairs

Here's the full lowdown on the furniture Hasegawa has to offer:

Hasegawa gacha machines
1/12 Capsule Toy Machine x2.

Hasegawa Crane Machine Kit Hasegawa 12th scale Crane Machine
Crane Machine - the crane arm really moves so you can position it. You can swap out the graphics on these for your own and make it look even more realistic too.

Hasegawa Office Desk
Office Desk & Chair - the drawers open.

Hasegawa Meeting Room Desk and Chairs
Meeting Room Desk & Chairs - there are two tables which can be pushed together as in the picture above, or used separately.

Hasegawa Park Bench and Trashcan
Park Bench and Trash Can - plus a skateboard!

Hasegawa School Vaulting Box
School Vaulting Box.

Hasegawa Construction Equipment
Construction Equipment.

Hasegawa School Desk and Chair
School Desk and Chair x3.

Hasegawa Family Restaurant Table and Chair
Family Restaurant Table and Chair.

For more like this, please click the image below:
Scale Miniatures

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