Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Rings

It's my mum and dad's wedding anniversary today - 31 years! - so to celebrate here are all the wedding photos I scanned while doing the family albums. :)

Wendy Reeves
Wendy Reeves and Iris Reeves Wendy Reeves and John Reeves
Wendy Reeves and Kevin Powell
Walking down the aisle Wendy Reeves at Holy Trinity Church
Signing the marriage certificate
Holy Trinity Church Kiss
Wendy and Kevin Powell Holy Trinity Church Arch
Bride, Groom, and Parents
Mount Pleasant Hall
Back of the Wedding Dress Cake and Reception
Wedding Party
Groom's Family
Bride's Family
Wendy Reeves and Kevin Powell Wedding
Wedding Cake

For more like this, please click the below image:
Family History

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  1. Lovely pictures! They reminded me on my wedding, but I right now I am filling out CA divorce forms at and I can't say that I am disappointed with my marriage, but I would better never have it again!


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