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It feels like my fandom is dead and my ship is even deader, so I haven't written much this month. I know you're supposed to write for the joy of it and all the rest of it but, sadly, I'm as much of a feedback addict as the next fan writer! Anyway, I suspect the quietness is the result of a mix of things. US football being aired has meant rescheduling of shows and, more pertinently, Gotham fandom kind of imploded when fans finally took on board what the writers / cast had been saying in interviews for months now -

Nygmobblepot is never going to happen.

Cory Michael Smith, who plays the Riddler, made the age old mistake of engaging with angry and upset fans on social media. It ended about as well as you might expect, with CMS deleting the tweets in question and numerous members of the fandom flouncing.

Cory Michael Smith tweets about Nygmobblepot
CMS Nygmobblepot Twitter
Nygmobblepot Twitter Argument

The whole scenario has been fascinating from a number of perspectives. First you have what largely boils down to a ship war in the age of social justice 'wokery'. When the most popular opposition ship was fanon - Oswald/Jim Gordon - some of the more extreme Nygmobblepot fans ranted about how 'unhealthy' such a relationship would be and how it sickened them to think of people actively shipping it. (See similar reactions to Oswald/Ivy, Oswald/Fries, Ed/Scarecrow and various other ships which had little to no actual traction within the fandom.) When the stumbling blocks became canon the writers were accused of queer baiting (teasing LGBT+ representation but not delivering on it) and the cast of internalized homophobia. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of valid criticism in the handling of the storyline - and the social media promotion surrounding it - but the fan reaction would make for a great study in how fandom interacts with wider discourse to make it seem as though their ship is the one true ship of righteousness.

Then you have a cautionary tale about breaking down the so-called 'fourth wall', the pretence that used to be kept up on both sides that TPTB (writers, cast, etc) didn't know about transformative fandom. I can't believe that in this day and age somebody isn't raking it in as a fandom consultant to advise people not to do, well, just about everything Gotham's social media team did to stir up negative fan reaction. Like this tweet stuffing a F/F couple back into the closet:

With Fox still dragging their feet on an announcement on whether or not Gotham is going to get a fifth season in the midst of falling ratings, it will be interesting to see how much of an impact - if any - this has. Perhaps it will be a case of any publicity (or online mentions) is good publicity!


It was a slow month for reading. I'm going to post my book reviews for the month later this week, complete with another paperback giveaway. :) (ETA: It's now up HERE.)


The only new movies I saw were to help me put a few themed lists together. Mermaids, unicorns, and frogs were the movie topics of the month! I also did some research into Louis Le Prince, the guy who shot the very first motion picture back in 1888. He was due to publicly demonstrate his films when he mysteriously disappeared. His family believed he was murdered to prevent him beating Edison to the glory...

Top Ten Mermaid FilmsTop Ten Unicorn Films


This month I was mostly listening to dance - you can find my top ten tracks of the month HERE.


It's been a fairly usual month for TV viewing, in that 99% of what I've chosen to watch - as opposed to what Anthony has inflicted on me (Gorilla Grod, ugh...) - has been crime drama. I binge watched two newish shows which I really enjoyed. First up was BBC One daytime offering, Shakespeare and Hathaway: Private Investigators. It's a really nice light-hearted watch, in the very best tradition of British TV sleuths.

The other show was CBC drama Frankie Drake Mysteries, focusing on 1920s Toronto's first female private eye. It's not on the level of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, which was clearly the inspiration, but it's from some of the Murdoch Mysteries writers - it even has little crossovers with it - and has the same feel good, anachronistic charm.

Frankie Drake Mysteries

If you're into the Bechdel Test and all that involves, the show gets a definite pass what with its mostly female supporting cast and plenty of onscreen diversity. Another Bechdel passing show I watched for the first time this month is You're Only Young Twice, a YTV sitcom which originally ran from 1977 to 1981 and is currently airing on ITV3, set in a ladies' retirement home called Paradise Lodge. It's worth watching for the wonderful Peggy Mount alone!

In terms of TV related blog posts, I did the 30 Days of Doctor Who Blogging Challenge and a list of Robin's top ten 'Holy' exclamations from the classic 1960s Batman series. Click the pictures below to go to the relevant posts:

30 Days of Doctor Who Blogging Challenge1960s Batman and Robin's Holy Sayings

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