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GCPD in Miniature


The GCPD - Gotham City Police Department - is the fictional law enforcement agency which works alongside Batman to, er, not bring an awful lot of order to the streets of Gotham.

I'm not a great comics fan, for all that Anthony is forever trying to win me over, so the GCPD is usually of more interest to me than the caped crusader. I especially liked the early seasons of Gotham which played out like a kooky police procedural and, of course, Gotham Central!

DC in general, and Batman in particular, have no shortage of scale merchandise so I figured I'd collect together everything I could find about GCPD miniature for my police in scale series. (Or, what that mostly boils down to, Jim Gordon miniatures.) I've got a few of the 1/12 scale figures already and I want to get a 1/6 scale uniform. What I'd really love is a Gotham based young(er) Jim Gordon in 1/6 scale. Here's to hoping Toys Era branch out into the good guys, or Ben McKenzie gets a role in something that leads to figures I can kitbash. :)

Hot Toys Lt. Jim Gordon

Hot Toys released a 1/6 scale three pack based on The Dark Knight Rises film, including the bat signal, John Blake and Jim Gordon. There's a good review of the Gordon figure from the set over at Batman News.

ACPLAY ATX002 Gotham City Police Commissioner Gordon

ACPLAY ATX-002 Gotham City Police Commissioner Gordon 1/6 scale outfit from 2015.

ZCWO Men Hommes Volume 8

ZC World released this Jim Gordon inspired fashion set as Volume 8 of their Mens Hommes collection in late 2012.

PIRP Toys Inspector Outfit Set

PIRP released a limited edition (200 pieces) Jim Gordon set in 2012 which came with body and iminime head sculpt.

Hot Toys Jim Gordon SWAT Figure

If Gordon's anorak just isn't cutting it for you, Hot Toys released a SWAT version of The Dark Knight Jim Gordon as an exclusive for the 2012 Toy Fairs.

Hot Toys John Blake

Hot Toys released a 1/6 scale John Blake figure in the likeness of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, complete with his very own working bat signal in 2014. The uniform is movie accurate for 2012's The Dark Knight Rises.

ACPlay US Police Uniform Set

ACPlay released a US police uniform set in 2015 which was obviously designed for Dark Knight John Blake figures.

Hot Toys MMS DX01 The Joker

Hot Toys' 2009 release of The Dark Knight Joker was, in my completely unbiased opinion, one of the coolest figures they've ever made. It came with a Joker outfit as well as an awesome GCPD dress uniform, as seen in the movie's assassination scene.

Figures Toy Company Chief O'Hara Figure

The Mego Corporation were industry leaders in action figures back in the 1970s, and today their 8" (roughly 1/8 scale) figures are highly collectible. In recent years the Figure Toy Co. have been producing Mego reproduction figures and whole new releases in a retro Mego style.

For the classic 1960s Batman series you can get Chief O'Hara as a single figure (pictured above) or in a four pack with the other fifth wave figures. There is also a Chief O'Hara in his beach outfit from the 'Surf's Up, Joker's Under!' episode, again available as a single figure or as part of a four pack. There is even an accessory range which includes the red bat-phone from Jim Gordon's office.

They also do a regular DC Comics line with various sub-ranges. Batman Retro Series 4 from 2016 had a Jim Gordon figure (pictured below), which was also available in a classic Mego style box and a two pack with Batgirl with a red jacket instead of a trench coat. Another variation was the early bird exclusive with different colour clothing.

Figures Toy Company Jim Gordon

If your figures are in need of transportation, you can also get a GCPD police van complete with Joker.

DC Retro Play Set Van - GCPD Prisoner Transport With Joker

Kotobukiya Jim GordonKotobukiya Jim Gordon with gun

Kotobukiya released this awesome 7" (1/10 scale) PVC statue of Jim Gordon in 2017. They also do a Penguin statue from the Gotham TV series.

Diamond Select Harvey BullockDiamond Select Jim Gordon

Diamond Select have been putting out a range of figures based on the Gotham TV show; they're 7" tall, so 1/10 scale. The Bullock figure is from the second wave and is a pretty good likeness of Donal Logue. Gordon, from wave one, has only a passing resemblance to Ben McKenzie - which is disappointing as the guy has a fairly distinctive face. Apparently the cast all went in to have their faces scanned rather than somebody sculpting from scratch, so perhaps a good repaint could salvage it?

The Nygma figure (wave two) is another option as it depicts him when he was working for the GCPD, before his transformation into the Riddler. Diamond Select also do a resin bust of Harley Quinn from the Animated Series wearing a GCPD uniform, released in 2017, with two head sculpts.

Diamond Select Harley QuinnDiamond Select Harley Quinn Bust

Extreme Sets Abandoned Asylum

Extreme Sets do an amazing range of cardboard buildings and backdrops in 1/12 scale, designed to be used with action figures. There are plenty of useful Gotham settings from the deranged alley (complete with bat graffiti), to a subway station, to the abandoned asylum.

Arkham Knight Commissioner Gordon Figure

Released in 2015, this Commissioner Gordon stands c. 7" tall and is part of the Arkham Knight line of figures from DC Collectibles.

DC Direct Dark Victory Commissioner James Gordon

DC Direct Dark Victory Commissioner Gordon. This series was a 7" range released in 2004 - there's a good review of the Gordon figure at The Clearance Bin.

DC Comics Designer Series Commissioner Gordon by Greg Capullo

The DC Comics Designer Series figures stand at 6.75" tall. Above is the Greg Capullo designed Commissioner Gordon figure, released in 2014. There was also a GCPD Batman figure in the same line, released in 2016.

DC Direct Hush Commissioner Gordon Figure

Another Jim Gordon figure, this time from the 2005 DC Direct Hush line. It stands c. 6.75" tall. There's a good review over at MWC Toys.

Medicom Mafex The Dark Knight GCPD Joker

Medicom Mafex 6.2" (1/12 scale) The Dark Knight GCPD Joker figure is due to be released in 2018.

Jim Gordon BatmanMultiverse New 52 Jim Gordon Batman

Here is Jim Gordon as Batman from Mattel's DC Comics Multiverse line. Released in 2017, the figure stands 6" tall. Check out the MCW Toys review.

Mezco One 12th Jim Gordon

Mezco have announced (01/05/2018) a Jim Gordon figure in their 6" One:12 Collective range.

DC Collectibles 6 inch Renee MontoyaDC Collectibles Animated Series Jim Gordon

DC Collectibles does a range of 1/12 scale (6 inch) figures based on animated Batman franchises. In terms of GCPD figures, they released Jim Gordon in August 2016, Harvey Bullock in November 2016, and a 5 pack of the Rogues Gallery (Bane, Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy) and Renee Montoya in August 2017.

Mattel Movie Masters Survival Suit Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon

There are a few GCPD figures in the 6" (1/12 scale) Mattel Movie Masters line. In 2008 there was a Jim Gordon in the Toys'r'Us exclusive The Dark Knight double pack of Survival Suit Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon (pictured above left), then in 2012 The Dark Knight Rises range launched with a John Blake figure and a Walmart exclusive Jim Gordon.

Mattel Movie Masters John BlakeMattel Movie Masters The Dark Knight Rises Jim Gordon

Batman Animated Series Gotham City Enforcement Jim Gordon

This 5" Jim Gordon figure is from the Hasbro Animated Series collection, part of an exclusive four pack - Gotham City Enforcement Team - released in 2000.

Funko Pop Gotham Edition

Funko Pop released a small range of 4.5" figures in 2015, including GCPD detectives Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock.

DC Universe Infinite Heroes Jim Gordon and SWAT Officers

The DC Universe Infinite Heroes line is a range of 3.75" (1/18 scale) figures. This three pack of Commissioner Gordon and two GCPD SWAT officers was released in 2008. You could also get the SWAT figures separately (figure #26) or in a 'Gotham City Patrol' six figure pack exclusive to Toys'r'Us. Gordon was also available separately - figure #45 - dressed in a SWAT uniform.

Diamond Select Gotham Minimates

Okay, so personally I think these things are kind of hideous, but Diamond Select has a whole line of 2 inch tall Gotham Minimates they began releasing in 2017. GCPD figures include Bullock and Thompkins up there, as well as Jim Gordon.

Fisher Price DC Super Friends GeoTraxFisher Price Imaginext Bane and Prison Van

Fisher Price released a range of GeoTrax DC Super Friends playsets around 2011 with which you could build your own DC world. The Gotham City set included the GCPD headquarters. Fisher Price also offer DC Super Friends in their Imaginext line - you can get 'Bane and Prison Van' which has a GCPD officer and a van emblazoned with GCPD SWAT, and 'Commissioner Gordon & Police Car'.

Fisher Price Imaginext GCPD Squad Car

AMT 1977 Dodge Monaco 4-Door Joker Goon Police Car

There aren't many GCPD specific kits about, but this AMT 1977 Dodge Monaco kit could be built as a GCPD cruiser in 1/25 scale.

AMT 1977 Dodge Monaco GCPD Kit

Lego Commissioner Jim Gordon MinifigureLego Barbara Gordon as GCPD Officer Minifigure

Lego released their first series of Minifigures (c 1.5" tall) based on the Lego Batman Movie in January 2017. The range included Commissioner Gordon and his daughter, Barbara, who is due to take over from him. A second series of Minifigures was released in January 2018 which includes a couple of figures of Barbara as Batgirl.

Barbara Gordon SWAT Lego MinifigureCommissioner Jim Gordon in Uniform Lego Minifigure

For more figures try:

  • Scuttler playset (#70908), released in 2017 it included a Jim Gordon in dress uniform and Barbara in a SWAT outfit. 
  • The Arkham Asylum playset (#70912) featured two uniformed GCPD officers, male and female, and a very cool GCPD squad car.
  • Two Face Double Demolition set (#70915) had different male and female officers. 
  • The Lego Batman Movie Accessory Set (#853651) has a Bat Signal along with Chief O'Hara and two uniformed officers. 
  • There was also a Barbara Gordon figure with The Joker Manor playset (#70922) - see HERE
  • Arkham Asylum Breakout set (#10937) included a GCPD officer.

Lego GCPD Squad Car from Set 70912

Hot Wheels 2011 GCPD Cruiser

Hot Wheels have done lots of Batman related stuff over the years, including a few GCPD vehicles. Pictured is the 1/64 scale Dodge Charger from the Batman vs Superman Five Pack. There's a GPD blue Ford Fusion from a The Dark Knight Batman three pack and a white GCPD 'Boom Box' (2017 - DVF92). There was another Ford Fusion and a Gotham City armored transport vehicle from 2012.

Ertl die cast GCPD police helicopter

Ertl made a few die cast models to tie in with Batman: The Animated Series in 1992/3. This is the only relevant item for this list, the Gotham City Police Helicopter.

GCPD Riot Police Officer Heroclix

HeroClix, originally produced by WizKids before moving to NECA, combines all the fun of tabletop gaming with the obsessive thrill of collecting. Available for just about any major license you care to think of, always supposing it appeals to the male of the species, the figures are roughly 1/48 scale - i.e. O scale - and tend to be in the region of 40mm tall.

☆ HYPERTIME (2002). Gotham Policeman (#01 Rookie, #02 Experienced, #03 Veteran); #124 Commissioner Gordon.

☆ UNLEASHED (2004). Gotham Undercover (#07 Rookie, #08 Experienced, #09 Veteran).

☆ ARKHAM ASYLUM (2008). #06 Gotham City Detective; #31 Captain Gordon.

☆ BATMAN: ALPHA (2008). #15 GCPD (Gotham City Police); #20 Commissioner Gordon.

☆ BATMAN (2012). #03 Arkham Asylum Guard; #18 Aaron Cash; #V004 GCPD Cruiser.

 THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (2012). #05 GCPD Officer; #11 GCPD Riot Officer (pictured above); #20 The Joker as Sgt.; #21 Lt. Gordon; #27 Commissioner Gordon with Bat Signal.

☆ STREETS OF GOTHAM (2012). #01 GCPD Officer; #04 GCPD Detective; #05 GCPD Sergeant; #15a Renee Montoya; #15b Question SR Chase Prime; #16 Harvey Bullock; #26 Commissioner Gordon; #S101 Bat Signal; #V003 GCPD Motorcycle SR Vehicle Police.

☆ ARKHAM ORIGINS (2013). #11 Captain Jim Gordon.

☆ JOKER'S WILD (2016). #07 Commissioner Gordon GCPD (+ sketch version); #15 Harvey Bullock (+ sketch version).

Knight Models Commissioner Gordon and SWAT Team

If you weren't miniatured out by HeroClix, there's also the Batman Miniature Game which is kind of the same thing but you've got to paint your own figures. Knight Models is the major supplier of figures for the game - in addition to the set above you can get police set one and two, an alternate version of Gordon and the SWAT Team, Commissioner Loeb, Bullock, and uniformed officers, and a police van.

Jim Gordon from Batman Gotham City ChroniclesBatman the board game by Monolith

Yet more tabletop fun! Monolith have been running a kickstarter for Batman: Gotham City Chronicals, a board game with sculpted miniatures. Above is the Jim Gordon figure, sculpted by Arnaud Boudoiron and painted by Martin Grandbarbe, and some of the proposed GCPD miniatures. Others include Harvey Bullock, Renee Montoya, and 'Heavy GCPD' officers in riot gear.

For more like this, please click the image below:
Policing in Miniature

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