Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Healthy Treats For Your Family Movie Night

Healthy Treats For Your Family Movie Night

Every great family movie night needs two essential ingredients: lots of fun family movies and good snacks. While it might be tempting to grab the typical junk you would normally eat during a movie night, there are plenty of yummy healthy snacks to try!


Healthier Popcorn 

You can’t have a movie night without popcorn, but that doesn’t mean you have to opt for caramel or douse it with loads of butter to make it tasty. This classic snack can still be good for you if you top it in the right way. For more healthy ways to top your popcorn, check out these ideas! You can sprinkle some parmesan and black pepper over your popcorn or top it with brown sugar and some spice.


Hummus is such a yummy healthy snack, and the great news is: there’s so many flavours to try! The best part about eating hummus is the endless possibilities of what to dip in! Keep it simple and just use carrots or slices of celery with whatever flavour hummus you’re craving, or try something interesting like this avocado hummus with oatmeal crackers.


Spice Up Some Nuts

Nuts are a crunchy and high protein snack that are the perfect alternative for any of your go-to movie night snacks. Raw peanuts or cashews may not hit the spot for your family, so add some flavour. You can try some fun recipes like chili lime peanuts or vegan candied pecans. Your kids will be begging you to make them for every movie night!

Healthy Potato Chips

Crisps are delicious to munch on but they can be packed with sodium. A healthier alternative to the salty snack is homemade sweet potato chips. This option is an easy recipe and is much better for you and your family for your movie night! If your family ends up loving the baked sweet chips, make them when you’re dying for something salty instead of buying a bag of store bought crisps.

Fruit smoothies make great healthy snacks

Fruit Smoothies

While you and your kids might love a frozen slushie when you go to the theater, you don’t want your kids bouncing off the walls. A healthy fruit smoothie is a much better option to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can blend your favourite frozen fruits and even mix in a serving size of spinach for your veggies. Don’t forget to add greek yogurt for some protein!   

With just a few small changes you can still have a fun night in and not have to worry about the scales - or the sugar induced temper tantrums from the little ones!

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