Monday, 2 April 2018

Mini Mart: Gweddus Art

Gweddus Art ACEO

Supplier: Gweddus Art
Website: Etsy Store - Folksy Store
You can also find them on Facebook and over on their blog.

Products: Full size paintings, crochet items, and ACEO - the name given to miniature 2.5" x 3.5" art cards, or 'Art Cards Editions and Originals'. They're basically Art Trading Cards made for sale rather than swapping with fellow artists, and they tend to be fantastically affordable. As in £3.50 for an original watercolour landscape!

Gweddus Art Seascape Gweddus Art Landscape

Gweddus Art is based in South Wales - Port Talbot - so the local landscapes were doubly appealing to me. I've been looking for some nice art to put in my 1/12 scale doll house (the one that is still in pieces in its shipping box...), but as I want to decorate it late 1970s style it's been harder finding something suitable. Then I came across a beautiful autumnal landscape when I was randomly searching Folksy and ended up buying five different paintings.

Here are the 1/24 scale pose skeletons checking one out:

Gweddus Art - Teabreaks on Etsy

Post and Packing: £1.00 for first item, within the UK, with small increments thereafter. I paid £2 postage for 5 items and was sent a freebie too!

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