Monday, 16 April 2018

Mini Mart - MAE Mini World Tienda

MAE Mini World Tienda 12th Scale Miniature Comic

Supplier: MAE Mini World Tienda
Website: Etsy Shop - Ebay Store.

Products: 1/12 and 1/6 scale miniature comics, books, and video gaming items such as console boxes and games. I bought a 1/12 scale Action Comics #1 (£4.49) and a 1/6 scale Hulk comic (£8.29) which are both really nicely done; they're printed on glossy paper and the reduction is good enough that they're both legible.

I also got a couple of 1/12 scale console boxes (Sega Mega Drive II - pictured below with Cyberman - and Atari 2600) for £2.69 each, an Iron Maiden double record for £3.22, and a set of five PS4 games which are just opening paper affairs with a printed inner tray. The print quality is nice though and they'll look good on a shelf.

MaeminiworldTienda Miniatures on Etsy

Post and Packing: Starts at £1.80 from Spain; it cost me £5.06 for five items.

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