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Plans for the Living Room

Plans for the Living Room

Come mid-May I'm suddenly going to have a lot more time on my hands. So this summer I intend to put some serious effort into redecorating the house. We can't do anything too crazy as we're renting, but we can definitely freshen it up and make it feel more like a home. The sitting room is the one I particularly want to work on as it's where we spend the most time - and currently it's just white walls and dowdy mismatched furniture.

We have to keep the one sofa, a hulking great thing in dark green that came from Anthony's nan's old suite. He refuses to part with it because he can lie down fully on it, so the best I can hope for is a couple of new cushions (I'm thinking mustard based) to brighten it up. What I can get is a new seat for myself. At the moment I think the choice is between the Argos Martha Fabric Wingback Chair in Charcoal (£209.99) or the IKEA Strandmon, colour to be decided! (£249)

Martha Fabric Wingback ChairIKEA Strandmon Chair

I already have a set of two little mid century style side tables to put next to the chair, and I'd like to get a nice lamp eventually, but I think I'd have to see how much space there is once everything's in before I can decide on a table lamp, standard lamp, or nothing at all. We really need to replace the light fitting too as it's taken a bit of a bashing over the last few years. Maybe something like the Dunelm Hanbury Ochre Cut Out Shade (£15). I also need to get new nets and curtains, just something plain like these Nova Charcoal Pencil Pleat Curtains (£20+), again from Dunelm.

Dunelm Hanbury Ochre Cut Out ShadeNova Charcoal Curtains from Dunelm

One wall is currently full of IKEA Billy bookcases, with the TV atop one of the half size ones. The plan is to move those elsewhere, and shift the glass console table a neighbour gave us in from the hall to place against the opposite wall. Anthony's sofa will go where the bookcases were, and the TV and associated paraphernalia will go on the console table. Ideally I'd have a nice sideboard there but, you know, gotta think of the money.

Above the fireplace we have a frame at the moment with a parrot wallpaper print. I'm thinking of swapping that out for this gorgeous Deco Charm Starburst Mirrored Wall Art (£35) from Dunelm. The mirror is a mottled effect, but we could always get a piece of mirror acrylic from ebay and refit it. Then it would just be a matter of displaying a few knick knacks on the mantlepiece, like a cute little cactus in a pot. :)

Dunelm Starburst Mirrored Wall ArtM&S Cactus

Finally, I'd want to get a new rug - something like this Hand Carved Splinter Rug from Studio would be ideal.

Hand Carved Splinter Rug from Studio

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