Tuesday, 24 April 2018

What I'm Listening To In April

What I'm Listening To

My Top Ten tracks of the month! I've been mostly listening to dance and synth this month. I blame the few moments of sun we had...

Sun Is Shining - Axwell Λ Ingrosso (2015)

Made up of two members of Swedish House Mafia, Axwell Λ Ingrosso debuted in 2014. So far they have released only one album, More Than You Know, in 2017 - but have had a steady stream of singles. 2015's Sun Is Shining was a #1 hit in Sweden and made the top ten across much of Scandinavia. The track is really uplifting and, in terms of sound, made me think of Norwegian synthband donkeyboy. I've had it on repeat endlessly!

London - DJ Antoine & Timati ft. Grigory Leps (2016)

Grigory Leps', one of Russia's highest earning musicians, growling vocals really make this track, though Timati manages to get in a few pertinent digs about the power of the ruble in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea! DJ Antoine brings it all together - and, I've gotta say, looks mighty fine while doing so.

Everybody - Mike Candys ft. Evelyn & Tony T (2013)

Mike Candys is a Swiss DJ who has never had a UK hit despite making the European club charts a few times. This track reached its highest chart position in his native Switzerland, where it peaked at #11.

Ma Baker - Boney M (1977)

We had a karaoke afternoon a while back and Ma Baker lodged itself firmly in my brain. It peaked at #2 in the UK and hit the top spot across most of Europe, for all that it only ever made it to #96 in the USA. I'm a big fan of Boney M in general - though it's kind of amazing to think now that a band would openly admit to one member doing all the vocals, because the girls' real job was to stand around and look pretty!

Fast Car - Tracy Chapman [Lucas Türschmann Remix] (2013)

Nice summer remix of one of my all time favourite songs.

El Paradiso - DJ Antoine ft. Armando & Jimmi The Dealer (2018)

Half for the track, half for DJ Antoine's strangely hypnotic metallic ski wear.

My Life Is A Party - ItaloBrothers (2012)

German dance project ItaloBrothers released My Life Is A Party - a cover of O-Zone's 2004 worldwide smash hit Dragostea Din Tei - in summer 2012. My Life Is A Party didn't do quite as well, peaking at #43 in Germany and #18 in Austria. I love it though. Not least because back in the day O-Zone were one of my favourite pop bands, responsible for first inspiring me to go looking beyond the UK charts for music to listen to. Without them I'd probably be stuck listening to ballads from X-Factor or something.

Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry [EigenARTig Deepest Love Remix] (2014)

Another easy listening summer remix.

Ma Chérie - DJ Antoine ft. The Beat Shakers (2011)

Yet more DJ Antoine. ♡

Ma Chérie featured Serbian DJ duo The Beat Shakers and vocals by Swiss singer-songwriter, Maurizio Pozzi. It was a top ten hit across swathes of Europe in 2012, hitting the top spot in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The video, with heavy product placement for Skyy Vodka, has games of spin the bottle freezing time when the girls DJ Antoine lands on are deemed to be a poor match in terms of compatibility. ...I was kind of waiting for it to pick a guy out for him to be honest.

Okay, so not a single song, but I saw this - S06:E05 Cherubim and Seraphim from 1992 - episode of Inspector Morse the other day which is just full of acid house. If it were trying to win over the sensibilities of the Sunday evening TV audience. I kind of wish there was a soundtrack album; it's like the pseudo-rave you never knew you needed for when you're relaxing with a cup of Horlicks. It was all produced by regular Morse composer Barrington Pheloung, with heavy sampling of classical and opera pieces, and helped the episode tap into the fears stirred up in the UK by the Second Summer of Love.

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